Across The Universe: breathtaking space atmosphere and unique Bonus Win Scale are awaiting

Across The Universe – your new favorite video slot

Mascot Gaming never ceases to deliver top–tier games to its clients. This time, a new release from the casino slots developer takes players to the distant unknown space and offers experiencing well–known gameplay of classic online slots but with some pleasant additions. Apart from great fun, it guarantees Free Spins and Bonuses that are possible to claim by filling respective scales.

If it is not enough to make you interested, read on to find out what makes this release so special or tune in for testing casino slots developer demo versions of the game on our website. The release is also available in partner casinos for real money gambling.

Technical information

All slots from Mascot Gaming feature on-point optimization and Across The Universe is not an exception as it can be launched via any HTML5 browser of your choice and still provide great performance. Simple setting of 5 reels and 4 rows with only 20 pay lines give the release a distinct “classic” feel gameplay-wise. Medium volatility of the slot provides a perfect balance between the level of risk and value of the rewards you can potentially win. With an RTP rate of 94.9% and Hit rate of 38.2% you can be sure of the consistency of your winnings too.

Except for the 3 special symbols, Across The Universe features 10 unique symbols on the reels:

  1. Flaming Red planet;
  2. Icy Cyan planet;
  3. Orange planet with a satellite;
  4. Purple planet;
  5. Blue planet;
  6. Ace meteorite;
  7. King meteorite;
  8. Queen meteorite;
  9. Jack meteorite;
  10. Meteorite with number 10.

The symbols on the list are located from highest- to lowest-paying ones, which means that to win more you need to aim for hitting combinations Flaming Red planet and Icy Cyan planet. There are also Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols that look like Flying Saucer, Space Rocket and Alien Spaceship respectively.

Across The Universe: theme of the release

As it comes from the name of the game, this time Mascot casino slots developer gives players the opportunity of exploring the far unknown of distant space. Sharp visuals on pair with beautiful artwork on symbols make the process quite addictive. Distinctive sound queues and animations always accompany hitting winning combinations or special symbols. It is also impossible to go by the soundtrack that was created exclusively for Across The Universe slot to take its atmosphere to the next level.

Special features of the Across The Universe slot

However, what the majority of players are interested in is the gameplay of the release. We are happy to say that Across The Universe does not lack in this aspect either. While being a classic video slot it provides interesting mechanics that can be rarely seen in alternative games.

Guaranteed Free Spins

What makes the Free Spins feature of Across The Universe slot special is the fact that you will 100% trigger it after playing for some time. The way it works is straightforward; there is a green FS scale on the left of the screen and each Scatter symbol dropped out in the game round fills it up. Its activation requires hitting 40 Scatters. Note that all winning during Free Spins series receive the 3x multiplier.

Guaranteed Bonus

The same concept as with the Free Spins feature; fill the yellow Coins scale on the left of the screen by hitting 25 Bonus symbols and receive a cash win. The number of coins a player receives depends on the prize indicated on the screen in the current round.

Risk and Buy

Traditional to Mascot Gaming Risk&Buy feature allows activating Free Spins series after every spin. In case of winning, you can risk your rewards and exchange them for some FS, while after losing you can purchase some FS for the coins.

Closing thoughts

Across The Universe is the release that does everything right. It offers the gameplay of the classic video slot that everybody loves but spices it up by unique mechanics that guarantees Free Spins as well as Coin rewards for persistent players. Beautiful design based on the space theme adds to the quality of the gambling experience too.


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