CanCan Saloon: The Video Slot of Wild West

CanCan Saloon by Mascot Gaming: The Video Slot You Should Like!

The wild saloon invites the coolest and most desperate cowboys and the hottest girls one can find! Open your heart, sharpen the wits, take the hat on and let's find some big money!

For us at Mascot Gaming, the statistics on the video slots we develop is the most valuable information. We constantly keep an eye on the progress our video slot machines make for the best casino providers and the popularity they gain among worldwide gambling enthusiasts. This exchange of data between us and our partners in casino games integration allows tracking the most wanted slots and staying aware of the market preferences in dynamics.

As we currently know from that data, six of our slot machines are top popular. Here is the list of Mascot Gaming products that players from online casinos of our partners like the most:

The detailed reviews of the slots which are popular would come in handy, wouldn't they? We decided to start this article series with the CanCan Saloon review.

CanCan Saloon: Which Slot Is It?

Imagine yourself travelling through prairies on horseback and visiting a saloon standing by the dusty road. There you get a drink and decide to spend some time looking at the beautiful girls dancing cancan at the stage. Yes, CanCan Saloon is the slot machine with its gameplay set in the atmospheric and wonderful decoration of the Wild West.

Okay, that was the general description to tune you to the required wave. Now, let's proceed with some numbers, gameplay solutions and outstanding features of CanCan Saloon. The list of key data to begin with:

  • RTP: 96.7%;
  • Hit rate: 46.5%;
  • Volatility: Low;
  • Release Date: February 1, 2019;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

CanCan Saloon is pretty friendly to the player as it offers quite high hit rates (the winning combination probability) and return-to-player percentages (a number showing the part of money a slot machine pays back to its players for each unit wagered over time) combined with low volatility (a pack of smaller prizes at low risks). The HTML5 coding allows providing maximum performance and stability to the video slots on whatever platform you decide to play them: PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

CanCan Saloon Gameplay: The Involving Simplicity

For starters, CanCan Saloon is the pretty usual slot with 3 rows, 5 reels and 15 pay lines on the reels. Due to the relative simplicity, it will be equally comfortable and enjoyable to play for both beginning and experienced gambling enthusiasts. Minimum and maximum coins per line are limited by 1.00 while the coin sizes may vary from 0.01 to 1.00. CanCan Saloon does not offer complicated jackpots, and this may be the additional advantage over the other slots for newbies.

In terms of graphics, CanCan Saloon does not offer a revolutionary experience. It is simple but stylish here as well, and that's a plus. We did not bring 3D or virtual reality concepts and solutions into this slot to keep up with the overall idea of easiness and smoothness it should deliver to the players.

The control panel includes five buttons:

  • plus and minus ones to increase and decrease the spin bet respectively;
  • the MAX BET in one click;
  • the autoplay button;
  • and of course, the spin button.

The last one is especially cool and topical: it looks like a revolver cylinder and lets the player shoot the round every time they come in for a spin. A shot to hit one's prize!

The symbols here are mostly playing card numbers and letters from nine to Ace straight. They look single-coloured and fulfil the overall picture of the video slots for CanCan Saloon perfectly. Additionally, players can see other topical symbols like shiny golden horseshoes, revolver guns, “wanted dead or alive” posters and other pictures we'll discuss in details when proceeding to the game features.

Yes, features… That's the upcoming point of this review.

CanCan Saloon Features and Specialties

We know that bonus games, special opportunities and features are distinguishing points for every slot. So, these propositions are always unique and especially fascinating in every slot Mascot Gaming develops, including the CanCan Saloon one.

The dry list of features available in the reviewed game may seem pretty standard. Here it is:

  • Extended Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Bonus Symbols
  • Up to 10 Free Spins
  • Shooting Bonus Game

However, when it comes to their realization directly in the gameplay, the features turn the CanCan Saloon into a very competitive, involving and immersive game.

First of all, there will appear at least one beautiful cancan lady dancer every time the player spins the reels. That symbol is the extended wild symbol, and it replaces the entire reel to help them win as it substitutes all the other symbols and completes the victorious combinations wherever they hit in a line from left to right. And of course, those beautiful girls on reels will dance cancan for you after every lucky spin.

The scatter symbol here is the Sheriff's badge, and the luckiest player will hit at least three of them. It's cool because three or four scatters in a row will start bonus rounds with 7 or 10 free spins. Moreover, there will appear at least two cancan girls with every spin, meaning two reels to definitely be wild ones. This means, your chances to win big are at least doubled during the free spin series.

The bonus symbols of CanCan Saloon are whiskey bottles. As two of them appear anywhere on the reels simultaneously, you receive the bonus double bet victory. The other rule is the same as for scatters: you hit three or more of them on reels to get the bonus.

The bonus itself is different though: The Shooting Game. This bonus round lets the player shoot whiskey bottles with a revolver (you aim with a mouse cursor). Each bottle contains one of the possible bonuses shown below:

  • Extra coin winnings;
  • Additional Twin Wilds free spins.

That's pretty sweet, isn't it? The chain of lucky victories can bring you up to 4500 coins plus additional rewards from the bottles.

To Conclude

As we mentioned previously in this review, CanCan Saloon is the pretty simple video slot that both an experienced veteran and a newcomer would enjoy. It is designed to immerse the player into the wondering atmosphere of the Wild West and to let them enjoy spinning reels with low risks. Still, those hunting for big and fast winnings may set the maximum bet in one click and go in for the “high-risk high reward” impressions and outcomes. CanCan Saloon has everything a good slot requires:

  • Flexible betting system;
  • Understandable symbols;
  • Simple and profitable bonuses.

The feature of a guaranteed extended wild symbol appearing with every spin you initiate means pretty high chances to gain a reward. The opportunity to get free spins with scatter symbols and additional winnings in The Shooting Game via hitting three or more bonus symbols makes the CanCan Saloon slot an exciting game for every gambling admirer.

Mascot Gaming specialists develop multiple other projects including classic slots, progressive slots, new-gen video slots, etc. But since the release of CanCan Saloon, it has been remaining among our top-tier ideas. Its popularity means we do everything right. The company reached its main goal – gained satisfied partners and players.


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