Dragon’s Nest: slot features and interesting details

Dragon's Nest – more than just another innovative slot from Mascot Gaming

Having set high standards for themselves with previous games, Mascot Gaming definitely managed to live up to them with the new solution. Currently everyone can try it out in the list casino games video slots from the provider.

The demo version takes the player to the magic mythical world filled with dragons and their eggs. The high-detailed icons and background images with precise animations make it possible to dive into it for hours.

Technical information

Like all the solutions from Mascot, the game uses HTML5 code for greater optimization. It features 5 reels in 3 rows with 10 paylines available in total. Dragon's Nest has a medium volatility and 95.2% return to player rate. Combined with an acceptable hit rate of 27.3% this game hits a golden spot for the majority of gamblers.

You can find 13 different symbols on the reels. The listed from highest paying to lowest paying here:

  1. Red Dragon's Eye;
  2. Silver Helmet with Golden inlays;
  3. Golden Ring with Dragon's head;
  4. Red Goblet with Golden Skull;
  5. Blue Spades;
  6. Red Hearts;
  7. Red Diamonds;
  8. Blue Clubs;

There are also 5 types of special “Dragon's Egg” symbol, which is the main feature of the game in terms of mechanics. It replaces all other bonuses like Wild symbol, Free coins and Bonus spins, but more on that later.

Theme of Dragon's Nest

When it comes to convincing the player of the realness of the atmosphere of the game, Mascot Gaming knows its work. The background features a dark sky with some ancient buildings and a huge moving dragon. When you hit the winning combination, the dragon spits a stream of fire to highlight the corresponding symbols. Combined with ethereal string music and smooth animations you get an unmatched gambling experience.

Special features of the slot

It would not be a Mascot Gaming game if not for the interesting gameplay spiced up with various bonuses. Take a look at them:

Dragon's Egg feature

We have already mentioned about the availability of special symbols represented by the eggs of the mystical creatures. To trigger any of the bonuses from this feature, you need to hit at least 5 of these icons on the reels. If you are lucky enough, expect to claim one of the boosts:

  • Coin prize. The total rewards for every symbol increase the win of the current spin;
  • Wild symbol. Every Egg becomes Wild with random multiplier to replace any other icon on the reels;
  • Free spins. Claim a certain amount of spins from every Egg symbol. Moreover, free spins play automatically after the spin where the gambler got them.

The value of each bonus player can get from the “Eggs” depends on the type of the symbol.

Risk and Buy feature

Every time you spin the reels, the game offers purchasing some free spins on the right side of the page. You get the chance of buying them regardless of the result of the spin. However, if you win, you can abandon the prize in exchange for some free spins. On other hand, after losing, you have the opportunity of acquiring a certain amount of spins for some coins. In both cases, the winning or the price of the purchase will be automatically deducted from the account of the player.

The feature is not obligatory to use but if you want to increase the level of thrill from gambling, it can be of great help.

Bet lines

Even though Dragon's Nest does not feature hundreds of paylines, it is worth mentioning some details. The slot pays out only for one highest winning line per spin.


Dragon's Nest is a truly unique slot from Mascot Gaming. Its “Dragon's Eggs” feature adds something new and exciting to the gameplay and the mythical atmosphere makes it difficult to stop playing.


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