Gemz Grow Belongs to the Best Mascot Gambling Slots: Games to Keep Your Attention

Gemz Grow from Mascot Gaming: thousands ways to catch luck by the tail

Greetings again, our dear readers!

It's very pleasant to meet you here once more. We go on reviewing the best gambling slots, games that you liked the most according to the statistics from our online casino partners. This time, we've got something special to show. As usual.

Good gambling software developers do good slot machine games. Best gambling software developers create excellent slots because they know the preferences of their audience. Mascot Gaming does keep an eye on the feedbacks and stats, so here is the list of the projects our players go on admiring since the date of their first demonstration as free casino slots:

The Best Gambling Slots Are Games that Immerse, and Gemz Grow is Fascinating

Welcome to the bright magical mountain valley full of gems hidden under the sunshine. Leave all your worries beyond the current moment, listen to the calming, meditating melody and go on a quest. Your luck will lead you to sparkling gems, just let it guide you!

Gemz Grow is a pretty classical slot our team classifies as a traffic game. Those who read our previous reviews on the best gambling slots know games focused on traffic are different from profit-oriented projects. Unlike the latter, traffic slots are projected with one single goal: to attract new gamblers.

Before we start reviewing the concept and features, let's take a look at the main tech data about gambling slots and games that every player would be happy to see. Here go the key points to consider:

  • RTP: 96.7%;
  • Hit Rate: 46.1%;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • Reels: 5;
  • Rows: Variable
  • Pay Ways: up to 3125;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

Yep, that might look a bit confusing. Still, do you remember we are speaking of the traffic game at the moment? That mass of pay ways and variable rows is the Transforming Reels feature, the key of the Gemz Grow success. We'll get back to it below in this text. Now, let's check something more common.

What's Up with Gemz Grow?

Well, the first thing you should mention after the slot machine is launched is the picture. The bright and shining background with ice peaks, green hills and mountain flowers is called to tune you up in the appropriate mood. The sparkling crystals and gems down in the valley along with that calming soundtrack finalize creating the atmosphere. Are you ready for the lucky quest?

Let's go! After spinning the reels, you'll see the standard card-based numbers and letters appearing there together with colorful gems which are the more valuable symbols. Apart from those, there are Scatters and Wilds.

And here is the point when we can't omit discussing the features.

Gemz Grow Gambling Slots: Best Games Have Stunning Features

For starters, we should explain the main gameplay specialty here at once. Gemz Grow is all about the Transforming Reels. What's that feature?

The standard reels in Gemz Grow have three rows with 243 pay ways. However, the game has the special symbol of the Golden coin, serving as a Scatter. Hitting at least one of them launches the Free Spin series with transformed reels and additional pay ways,

The number of available rows and pay ways increases with more Scatters hit. Two, three, four and five Scatter Symbols bring you the appropriate number of free spins, and all the correlating benefits, depending on that first lucky Scatter hit. 

As we said already, the top feature of the game, Transforming Reels, is also connected with Scatters – they can obviously transform the reels to create up to 3125 pay ways! Moreover, when playing with 3125 pay ways, you get the phenomenal x5 multiplier for all your rewards! Plus, the slot does not set limits for Free Spins: hitting at least one Scatter anywhere on the reels means prolonging your Free Spin series.

Along with that, Gemz Grow has the Wild symbol to give you even more chances to win big. The Wild is bound to bring you fortune – it's the four-leaf clover.

So, as always: good luck to you. Play only the best games which are not obligatory the largest online slots.

P.S. You can try all our best titles as free casino slots directly on the website. Just visit the appropriate pages (follow the links given in the very first list of this review).


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