Gryphon's Castle: Creating Really Unique Gambling Games

Gryphon's Castle from Mascot Gaming: when the new meets the old

Greetings again!

We are happy to present you the next part of our review article series. As you might already read in our previous texts, here we present the unique gambling games by Mascot Gaming.

Just like other top online gambling providers, we've got the set of projects most popular among gamblers according to statistics from our partners. Here they are:

  • CanCan Saloon – the Wild West Setting, Wild Reels appearing on every spin, Twin Wilds Free Spin series that can be retriggered, the Shooting Bonus feature awarding prizes with a guarantee. And of course, hot animated cancan dancing girls.
  • Riot – the world of dystopia and post-apocalypse where you need to spin reels and survive tough environmental conditions. Medium volatility, 31.9% hit rate, and a stunning Risk & Buy feature that turned the rules of video slot casino games upside down!
  • Red Horde – the fantasy tale where you need to lead the warriors into battle against red goblins and protect the village. 35.6% hit rate, medium volatility, a set of Game Modifiers influencing the rules and multipliers during the entire free spin series that can be retriggered. That's the mechanics making Red Horde a treasure gem of our collection.
  • Gemz Grow – the charming, marvelous and calming mountain valley of gems shouldn't deceive you, as you can find real treasures in there. The Transforming Reels feature brings you up to 3125 pay ways in this slot with medium volatility and quite high hit rates of 46.1%. 4 different Free games features with multipliers up to x5 and retriggering free spins provide chances to gain really huge rewards!

There are our masterpiece projects, but not all of them. Don't forget you can play demo versions of every slot by our company right at the website. Just proceed to the required page and click that “Play for free” button there.

The fifth representative of unique gambling games by Mascot is worth separate description and attention. It is the grim fantasy slot also belonging to the category of games we are surely proud of.

Meet the Gryphon's Castle – the slot that will challenge your courage!

Right after you launch the Gryphon's Castle video slot, you dive into that grim atmosphere of an ancient castle. Humans don't live there anymore, there are only skulls and bones. An intriguing ambient soundtrack is called to immerse you into the adventure completely. Just like the fact that you know for sure: the lion-bird inside that fortress does guard immense treasures.

Are you brave enough to challenge the Gryphon? Well, then spin the reels and enter the Gryphon's Castle!

However, every gambler should know certain facts about casino games and slots they are about to play. Here is some tech data on Gryphon's Castle:

  • RTP: 96.6%;
  • Hit rate: 27.2%;
  • Volatility: High;
  • Release Date: July 1, 2019;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

Those who read our previous reviews know that we have two categories of slot games to promote: traffic games, designed to attract and keep players, and profit games specially created to generate profits for our partners. Here is what we should admit at once: Gryphon's Castle is a profit game with a relatively low hit rate and high volatility combined. This means, the slot won't probably suit those who are online casino newcomers.

High volatility slots are risky. They are rare to give out profitable combinations, but their rewards are always significant. As a rule, such slot machines suit gamblers who have enough time and patience, and also a solid bankroll to wait till their big win comes.

However, Mascot Gaming developers can't skip creating something special for every gambler to get pleasure and satisfaction. Gryphon's Castle is the classical slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines that each enthusiast will feel confident to spin. Nevertheless, there still are certain features making the game played by thousands of gamblers all over the world really, really special.


Gryphon's Castle: Features Making Unique

While developing the reviewed slot game, our programmers and designers had their goal clear: to unite elements that everyone is familiar with and features that would allow Gryphon's Castle standing out of the crowd of similar, classical projects. It was not an easy quest, but the feedback coming from gamblers who have played this slot in casinos of our partners lets us be confident: we nailed it.

At first, the specialty of Gryphon's Castle is in its underlined classicism. Spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds are old-school symbols familiar to every gambler on the planet. However, we rethought that common color and design to create a remarkable style for the reels and symbols without changing them too much.

The graphical component of Gryphon's Castle is also the union of new and old. It looks like that game from late 80's or early 90's, but with visibly refreshed effects, particles and textures. That definitely allows this slot delivering new experience yet without breaking what gambling veterans are used to.

As always, the focus point of Mascot Gaming to turn regular concepts into unique gambling games is all about gameplay features. We wanted to underline that combination of new and old here as well. That is the additional reason why the features of the Gryphon's Castle are so exciting.

First of all, there are both the Wild Symbol and the Wild Reel to make winning combinations more diverse and bigger than ever before. Of course, they are possible to appear simultaneously to substitute any symbol and the entire set of those.

At second, hitting three and more Scatter Symbols initiates the Free Spin series. And here goes the most shocking detail of the entire slot. Every free spin has the pay rate increased by x3. This means, all your rewards gained during the free spin series are tripled!

So, here are two Wilds. Here are free spins with x3 multipliers by default. And now, it is time to bring the cherry on the cake to the table.

In the Gryphon's castle, you have the chance to win additional free spins during their current series. Can you imagine potential rewards? Yes, here you can win not big but huge!

And everything you need is your gambling skill and some luck. Are you brave enough to challenge the Gryphon? If yes – enter the Gryphon's Castle right away, and accept the treasure trial!

To Conclude

The article series reviewing our best and most unique gambling games will continue in the nearest future. So, make sure you added our website to bookmarks and visit us regularly to avoid missing new posts!

Most probably, the upcoming text will describe another cool slot your clients can play thanks to Mascot - Anksunamun the Queen of Egypt. As always, it has a lot to offer in terms of concepts, ideas, features, and of course, rewards.

Stay with Mascot. We will continue doing our best to bring the most unique projects to your casinos.


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