Casino games and software: history of gambling

History of casino games

Casino games and software: history of gambling

History of gambling. From ancient dice to online casino

According to Wikipedia, excitement is an emotion that is associated with anticipation of success in anything, often connected with chance, game, risk and danger. The very definition of gambling excitement explains the related risk and the desire to win any material benefits.

Excitement lies in the origin of human nature so it's no wonder that the history of gambling originates in ancient Greece. It's not hard to guess that the first gambling game in the history of mankind was dice. The ancient Indians, the Chinese and the Romans threw little stones for the sake of easy money. The first mention of gambling houses of our era leads to Italy of the 12 century. Not only dice was popular but also wagering (analogue of modern bets) and then card games. The marginalized weren't the only one loving to risk their material goods but high society was as well entertained by gambling, especially at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV, where for the first time in history appeared the roulette table. During the 19th century, large gaming institutions appeared in the UK, Italy and Germany, but Monte Carlo (the Principality of Monaco) became the capital of gambling. American Las Vegas took the lead and became the center of casinos only in the 20th century (the first American gaming companies appeared in the 19th century in New Orleans and San Francisco), after gambling was restricted in all states except Nevada.

The first slot machine

The first mechanical slot machine was invented in the United States by the German immigrant Charles Fey in the late 19th century. And it was very far from modern casino software development. The developer made the device so that it had a few spinning reels with symbols depicted on them: card suits, stars, bells. It was designed that way that the player would have to press the machine's lever first, the reels would begin to spin and that the symbols on the reels would be formed together to display the combinations some of which led to the jackpot paid out. The slot machines took only a five-cent coin but there was no mechanism that would give the jackpot to the winner, so the lucky ones were given money by the owner of the gambling establishment. The largest prize was given for three bells in a row so the machine was named “Liberty Bell”. Since the players most often were left with nothing, the machine was also known as “One-armed bandit”. The name “slot machine” was given because of a little slot where players threw coins.

Electromechanical machines appeared in the 50s and the first fully electronic device was “Money Honey” in the mid 60s. The creation of a modern automatic cabinet happened in the 80s of the 20th century thanks to the American company Sircoma (known now as IGT). The company's developers created a computer poker machine which was the first gambling device to have the random number generator. Video slot machines that are so familiar to modern players were created on the basis of video poker.

Since then casino software development has changed a lot. With Internet spreading massively, it was logical to create online gambling platforms with slot machines and other online games. Video slots became the first gambling game that online casinos offered. Today, there are thousands of games coming from different companies and the number of providers offering the software for online casinos increases every year. Mascot Gaming is one of the brightest example of modern providers that you can trust. To learn more about Mascot Gaming slots and other gaming products, you can use the link below:

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