Mascot Gaming at Sigma Europe Virtual expo

Mascot Gaming at SIGMA EUROPE Virtual Expo

This extraordinary year shows us that the whole world has stepped into the digital reality, no matter if someone likes it or not. Should we celebrate it? Or should we worry? Anyway, to be in line with the rest, continue developing and earning, everyone should dive deeper into the electronic world.

And our beloved international exhibitions provide us with such an opportunity! Meet the novelty from Sigma Exhibition – SIGMA Europe Virtual Expo: on November, 24-25. It is going to be a fully interactive, state-of-the-art virtual events space with all the features, energy and buzz of the physical show!

This is the first virtual exhibition where Mascot Gaming participates with its own booth. And we are pleased to invite you to it!

Free registration to the online event:

Let's obtain new experience together. No mask required!

And the last, but not the least: we prepared something very special for those participants who become Mascot Gaming partners after the event. This is an exclusive 6-month promotion plan which we'll share FOR FREE. Our experts will consult how promotional tools should be used in the most effective, profitable manner. All these consultations are individually based on the games you pick up. A great offer for a perfect launch, don't miss it!


Profit games

Get the maximum profit from the player!

Plots that have been known for many years and have been used by masters of game development more than once let the player relax and find themselves in a well–known setting. An understandable and familiar game mechanic lets the player see a potentially big win.

Traffic games

Cost-optimised way to attract new players to your online casino!

An unusual, provocative storyline, eye–catching graphics, exclusive music, lot of features and their frequent appearance as well as a high hit rate.

Mascot Gaming
Stand S78
14 – 18 Nov, 2022