How to start an online casino

How to start an online casino

How to start an online casino

The online casino market is one of the few where a competent launch of a new project could bring a significant income right at the start. However, to get the maximum profit from your new business, it's necessary to follow a list of very important requirements. In this article, we will explain what you need to think through before start your online casino.

Working area

As it was mentioned in our previous articles, creating an online casino always should start with the right determination of geography of your work. All further steps of creating a project depend on which countries your casino will operate in: registration of a license and a legal entity, game content selection, a marketing strategy to promote an online casino. It is necessary to study a gambling market of selected countries, to acquaint with projects of your competitors. The provider, from whom you will purchase the online casino software for your project, will also provide you with consulting support on this matter.


Any business that is connected with gambling requires licensing. The most popular and accessible licenses are the ones of Curacao and Costa Rica. Also, license of Malta, Gibraltar, Great Britain and other countries are issued to start an online casino. Each country has its own requirements and nuances of the licensing, however, competent online casino provider will always support you informationally considering this matter. Many providers, such as Mascot Gaming, may take full legal support in the licensing, of course, only if you purchase a certain service package. Most of the time, the casino license is provided for 1 year which means that you will have to renew it every following year. Accordingly, you should include the cost of annual license renewal to your long-term budget. It's obvious that when you open an online casino, as when opening any business, you're required to register a legal entity and to open a bank account. Usually, legal entities are registered in offshore countries that don't' require paying a great amount of taxes.

If you purchase an online casino using the White Label system, you won't have to obtain a license – the programmer of the new casino will operate under the current license of the casino provider. In this case, you will significantly reduce the financial and time costs of opening an online casino. To know about ordering with the White Label system, please read this article.

Payment systems

The game project has to be connected to payment system. The more you have them, the better because the player should be able to choose a method of input and output that is more convenient to them. This could go two ways: working with the existing license of the developer or independent registration in the payment systems. In the first case, you won't have to register anything but all financial transactions will pass through the developer. Meanwhile, in the second case, it will take quite a long procedure for the documents registration with each payment system. This procedure will surely take a few months, if there is no such time, you can also choose an option of working with a payment aggregator. In case of choosing this solution, you will have to sign only one contract, however, the payment aggregator will also have to pay for its service.


Having defined all the legal aspects, it's time to move to the main thing – namely, to create a website for your online casino. Quality casino project should include the following:

● Various game set

● Thought-out lobby design (what a player sees when they visit your casino's website). Everything matters: the usability, the layout of game content and banners, and the color scheme. In this matter, you will have to rely on the chosen software developer but do not worry – an experienced provider with more than one casino in its portfolio will perfectly cope with this task

● Payment systems

● Bonus system to attract players

● Additional content if required. For example, Mascot Gaming can offer the connection of sport betting, live games and poker

● Website management system with the possibility of power-sharing

● 24/7 support system

Obviously because online casino is a website, where a lot of financial transactions take place, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the project. A trusted developer always thinks about this in the first place, and the software from such providers has a multi-level protection against external and internal threats.


In order to receive an income from an online casino, you will need to take care of high-quality traffic. Usually, the online casino players are attracted with affiliate programs, SEO promotion, social media promotion, thematic sources publications and other marketing tools. Marketing promotion should be handled by an independent experienced specialist because it is a serious painstaking work. Make sure you have this kind of specialist among your staff or you can give it to outsourcing agencies that are specializing on promoting online casinos. Don't think twice before investing money to promote your casino because it will affects the success of your iGaming project.

In this article, we have tried to introduce you to the tools of creating an online casino. Now you know what exactly you will have to face if you decide to start your own online gambling business. There are so many things to talk through that it's not possible to include everything in just one article so please, do not hesitate to contact the experts of Mascot Gaming – we are always ready to advise you on any issue.

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