Sweepstakes gaming systems

Sweepstakes in gambling: how the system works

Peculiarities of sweepstakes gaming systems

About the sweepstakes

Originally sweepstakes is a promotional tool for seize clients which can be described in a nutshell as “make some motion and take a chance to win a prize”. When we see Facebook publishing about a chance to win iPhone for the first dozen of company account subscribers or when a car brand registrate you as a participant in contest for Maldives tickets (as long as you buy their cars, of course) – all this is an old good sweepstakes game.

The sweepstakes that is considered as a classic model of such promotion strategy is a well known McDonald's Monopoly game. This lottery is held by the biggest fast food chain all over the world for more than 30 years. The game implies the following: when you purchase something in a restaurant you get a coupon. Coupons value different: some of them are instantly exchanged for food, for example for cheeseburger. Other coupons display the fields of the Monopoly board and if you want to win something valuable you have to collect some property from this board. Obviously for collecting something really worthy you have to buy McDonald's food over and over again.

So what is the connection between the sweepstakes and iGaming?

Nowadays the sweepstakes cafes have a wide prevalence in gambling sphere. Sweepstakes cafe implied land-based gaming projects, which give a chance to win some prize when buying some service or product. Most often products or services are telephone cards or internet time, but in general “product” can represent anything. Entering the sweepstakes by buying this things consumer take a right to play some game (usually it's video-slot) without actually paying for it. If the guest doesn't pay to play, then he doesn't risk anything, which means that the game is not gambling. However, the prizes in this game are quite real and are expressed in money equivalent. Such practice helps to provide the opportunity to play slot-games in countries where gambling is illegal.

Sweepstakes gambling software

Sweepstakes software for such projects usually developed by the same companies that produce casino software. Nevertheless there are not too much really cool specialists which can provide the best sweepstakes systems.

So what is utmost important when choosing software for your sweepstakes project?

Gaming set

As well as in any other gambling project, the first thing is always the gaming set: it's obvious that players come to your cafe for exciting play. And it's always a good thing to win some extra money, isn't it? ;) Professional software developers constantly renew their gaming set and monitor market trends - such qualified work displayed in a first look on their demo. High quality, advanced, thrilling games, featuring all your audience's requirements are the key to success for your sweepstakes cafe.


Competent casino developer perfectly knows all the legal aspects that the sweepstakes business requires. To be honest, in the field of law gambling is quite difficult market and choosing the qualified provider is the thing of utmost importance. Reliable provider always eager to explain all peculiarities of law registrations and help with right and safe project operation.

Easy install

Technical issues have to be only developer's matter. One more feature of the competent provider is ease and high speed of software installation. In proper project realization operator thinks only about interface branding or, for example, about furniture color in cafe. Any sweepstakes software installation realises in a few motions because everything is already prepared by the developer. The cost of developer services definitely has to include 24/7 technical support.

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