The Red Horde Review: Top Slot by Mascot Gambling Software Developers

The Red Horde: slot setting Mascot apart from other gambling software developers

Hello once again, lucky gamblers and our loyal readers! It's been a while, right?

We at Mascot continue the article series reviewing our top online casino games, describing their features and providing main tech information to keep you aware. The best projects we reviewed already, and those we are about to review in the nearest future are the most popular among gamblers and appreciated by the online casino partners of Mascot Gaming.

Mascot has been in the online casino software business for a while by now, so we've got something to tell and show you. If we would publish some list of achievements we reached as gambling software developers, it would definitelyinclude the following slot games:

The Red Horde stands for the countless legions of red goblins attacking the village. Your mission is to be lucky and protect the inhabitants from evil creatures with your best spins while enjoying the beautiful graphics. Of course, big treasures will be your reward.

Are you ready? Alright then, put on your helmet, take a sword and raise your shield!

Goblins attack!

The Red Horde: Crucial Information from Software Providers

As we mentioned in a previous article on casino games demo review, our team of gambling software developers divides all the casino software projects they plan and create into two groups.

Profit Games. These obviously are the ones focused on generating profits. The point is that such slots are familiar to the most part of gamblers, and it is pleasant for them to spend time playing slots they know well. Graphics and features here are regular, innovations are secondary. Purely classical gameplay and satisfaction.

Traffic Games. Such slots are designed to attract new players. Meaning that they don't make them risk their funds seriously, but provide involving gameplay, stunning graphics and original, unique and innovative features.

The Red Horde is a Traffic Game. As a consequence, our gambling software developers focused on making it attractive for as many gamblers as possible. The top impact points here are the really high graphics quality, the unusual story, and the unique Game Modifiers feature we'll discuss in more details a bit further. For now, here is the basic data on The Red Horde slot every gambler would definitely like to see:

  • RTP: 96.5%;
  • Hit Rate: 35.6%;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • Release Date: May 27, 2020;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

Traditionally high RTP rates are some kind of a quality standard among the software companies developing and releasing online slots and other casino games. Keeping that in mind, the team of Mascot gambling software developers tends to keep up with trends in every slot we create. Ourgames always correlate with the highest and most recent industry standards.

However, the volatility level is medium here, which may seem to be not suitable for players who are new to casinos and slots. Nevertheless, the hit rate of The Red Horde makes it quite good for both experienced gamblers and newbies.

Those feeling confident enough to spin five reels will enjoy the gameplay and relatively stable winnings with multiple combinations on three rows and fifteen pay lines. On the other side, newcomers will get the relevant slot experience without risking to lose too much of their funds at once.

The Red Horde is the game being new to the market but already having a stable and loyal fan base. Mostly, admirers like cool visual effects along with the graphics quality, nice optimization possible for any device (desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets) because of the HTML5 usage. And of course, the core of the popularity this slot has gained among gamblers is in its features.

It is time to look at them closer.

Features Making The Red Horde Really Special

Everyone may notice some unusual elements right after they see the reels of The Red Horde slot. No, the reels themselves and the control panel elements are normal: five reels in three rows, two buttons to set the bet, the max bet button to go in for the risky spin at once, the auto play button to let the reels spin automatically, and of course, the button launching the spin.

The confusion comes when you see four treasure chests to the right of the reels. Those are the gameplay elements belonging to the focus feature of The Red Horde, and one of the proud points of our gambling software developers team – Game Modifiers.

After every spin not bringing you the reward, Game Modifiers change the next spin's conditions. These game-changers can work as one or individually and include the probability to gain the following:

  • Additional Wilds;
  • Additional Stacked Wilds;
  • Winning Multipliers (up to x5).

What's even more pleasant is that every game modifier applies to all free spins you win throughout the bonuses' activity. Keeping that in mind, there are seven different free spin possibilities. The variety of combinations can significantly expand the potential winning pool and provide every player with a totally new gambling experience.

And what's even more pleasant is that the combo of Scatter symbols showing up anywhere on the reels grants you free spin series. The Modifiers you have got apply to this series, too. Moreover, you can retrigger it if you are lucky enough to get the combo of Scatters once again. In simpler words, you can win additional free spins while spinning those you already gained.

The demo of The Red Horde slot is available directly on our website. Those willing to play for real money at once should visit the online casinos of our partners.

To Summarize

As you see, Mascot gambling software developers go on accepting new challenges and creating attractive casino slots to impress you all the time. Every project we create is called to be the top-notch product finding its place in the hearts of gamblers throughout the world.

We aim to give every gambler exactly what they want to get. That is why your reaction to our projects is critical for us. We constantly monitor the feedback our players give on every game released by the company.

Have good luck, keep playing your favourite slots and winning your big rewards! Mascot Gaming will always be there to offer you something new and cool!

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