Casino game development trends for 2018

Casino game development trends

List of key trends in casino game development for 2018: omnichannel, VR, mobile casinos, HTML5, fantasy sport etc.

Casino game development trends for 2018

In the beginning of 2018, the most popular gambling software providers gathered in London for the largest event in the iGaming world – the ICE exhibition. The slot games developer Mascot Gaming was no exception – the company's staff also visited the legendary exhibition. In addition to holding lots of important meetings with current and potential customers and partners, we carefully studied the products of the leading gaming companies and compiled our list of trends in the casino game development for 2018.

Mobile Casinos

The modern rhythm of life and the technology's progress force us to be as mobile as possible. During 2017, more than 50% of the online casino visitors were using mobile devices. Moreover, according to analytics, these numbers will continue to grow strongly. Since growth of mobile players is inevitable, all the online casino software companies will have to focus on developing quality and increase quantity of their mobile games.


The most logical continuation of the subject of mobile online casino games is called omnichannel. This trend also grows from the widespread use of gadgets and the progressiveness of today's life. For an online casino to be successful in future, it's important to make its software multipurpose and as user-friendly as possible. The player must be able to move from one device to another without interrupting an exciting game started on home computer which he continues on a smartphone on the way to work. All the possible game platforms must be linked and games must be run on any platform, preserving all game achievements. It means that if the player's smartphone suddenly dies, they should be able to login on their laptop and continue to play, also, as said before, preserving all of their achievements.


In this era of the Millennials, it's not enough to have just exciting and fun games to attract new young players to your online casino. The new generation chooses technology which means that unusual solutions are becoming more and more popular in the gaming software development. Among such solutions are VR-technologies that are mostly successful at the moment. VR-gadgets, being quite expensive a couple of years ago, are becoming more and more accessible to people. Accordingly, Augmented Reality (AR) technologies will soon spread massively and will also occupy a stable niche in the brand new online casinos.


Last year, Adobe Systems officially announced the end of Flash support by 2020. Flash has determined the way the modern internet looks, for example, there would be no Youtube or browser games. Despite that fact, it's necessary to admit that the future of game development will be based on the HTML5 format.

Fantasy Sport

Fantasy sport is a type of virtual game based on real events in sports. The point of fantasy sport is to collect your own virtual team from athletes that exist in real life (for example, your own football team) and monitor their achievements in the real world. If the athletes of the player's team show successful results in real world, the rating of the virtual team increases and the player wins the money. The origins of fantasy sport is in the United States where it has been popular for many years, however, this game is only gaining popularity in Europe and Asia. Of course, the positive aspect of fantasy sport is the fact that in most regions this type of gambling is allowed by law. We believe that fantasy sport will become an excellent additional product to the online casino website and soon, all the advanced developers will pick up this trend.

The development of individual slot games

Lots of online casino market participants note that the fashion for individual slot games is gaining popularity heavily. If earlier it was believed that the best online games are games with classic symbols and the usual set of bonuses, now more and more casino operators want to stand out from others and choose the individual development service. So the need for exclusive slot software is growing. Such games are only available to the players of your online casino, increasing brand awareness and providing new opportunities to promote the online resource. Here may also be included the trend for the games that are based on famous movies and characters. These games are actively produced by the leading game developers for quite some time already.

It should be noted that only a professional provider with sufficient resources and years of experience will cope with the task of the individual development of a slot game. One of those providers is Mascot Gaming that performs the individual development orders for several years already. To learn more about the company's capabilities, please leave a request:

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