All you need to know about Twin Fruits of the Olympus

Twin Fruits of the Olympus – new addition to the lineup of innovative slots from Mascot Gaming

The new solution from the developer holds up to high expectations from the players. It is crucial to go over its main characteristics and look at some of the nuances of the game we describe in the article.

The slot allows taking a virtual trip to the Ancient Greek Olympus with the help of outstanding visuals and beautiful music accompaniment. The demo version features high resolution of the image with sharp and smooth animations of the details and events. It is already possible to explore the unique gameplay of the slot on the website.

Technical information

The game is based on HTML5 code and features 5 reels in 4 rows. One of its definitive traits we will dive into later on is the availability of as many as 1024 paylines. Medium level of volatility with a high RTP rate of 95.5% and a decent hit rate of 39.2% makes it a great option for every gambler.

Twin Fruits of the Olympus features 12 different symbols, including Wilds. The highest paying of them are these:

  1. Zeus – the god of thunder;
  2. A woman with blond hair;
  3. A number 7;
  4. A star;
  5. A golden Bell.

Symbols with juicy fruits on them pay less but appear on the reels more often. A Wild symbol turns into any other one to create a winning combination. It looks like a crown with blue and red inlays on it. Moreover, you can hit it on any reel except for the first one from the left.

Twin Fruits of the Olympus theme

As it comes from the name, the visuals, animations and sounds work together just to create an imagery of the godly Greek Olympus. The background shows a mighty Pantheon with smoothly animated clouds. It is important to note that hitting the winning combination or Wild symbol also triggers specific animations so you always know when you win.

It also counts for the music and sound effects that complement the experience to make it even more complete.

Unique features

Some of the features that spice up the gameplay of the slot and make it more unique.

Twin reels

This feature is even in the name of the slot because it makes gambling so fun. Basically, every spin from 2 to all 5 reels can become “twins”. It means that they will display identical symbols on them, which boost the player’s chances significantly.

Staggering amount of pay ways

Twin Fruits of the Olympus offers 1024 pay lines. If you are afraid to remember them all, it will not be a problem. If you hit identical symbols anywhere on the neighboring reels, the slot will pay the highest win per current bet. Thus, the amount of possible ways to win is truly vast.


Mascot Gaming has done it again with Twin Fruits of the Olympus. The game complies with the high quality standards of innovative slots from the software provider. Interesting yet simple gameplay with a pleasant atmosphere make it 100% worth trying.


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