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International gambling shows

Developed networking might be the most important factor for the growth of any industry as for right now. It helps to find partners and build business bonds as well as reinforces the competition, which is the key for further evolution. Annual expos, shows and conferences are the places where people working in the same industry meet up to share experience and evaluate its current status as well as potential future changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizers to postpone or even cancel some of the events.

The article describes every upcoming annual event. Our team visits all the mentioned expos and has some information to share. 

ICE London

The upcoming return of the biggest annual gaming and betting show in the United Kingdom from Clarion Events Ltd is planned on 1-3 February 2022. According to predictions, halls of the ExCeL London will host over 30,000 people that actively work in the industry. In many ways, it is impossible to rival the exhibition due to the coverage of all the essential sectors of the gambling business. It provides a perfect opportunity of building a functioning network for hardware/software manufacturers, authorities and technology developers. Launched in 1990, the ICE London exhibition worked as a space for development-focused people every year, apart from some exceptions.

The sectors of the exhibition:

  • Traditional betting. The main topics of the sector include combining ordinary bookmaking with newest technologies in area of gambling machines, terminals and other innovations and latest solutions;
  • Bingo. Covers the main aspects of providing this type of gambling activity from creating new appealing solutions to methods of drawing the attention of the customers;
  • Casinos. Land-based facilities and all the aspects that you have to deal with;
  • Lottery. Growing in popularity due to constantly increasing taxes on gaming in majority of countries, lotteries have become more appealing to a large share of providers;
  • Online. Connect with other developers to find your place in the gambling sector with highest potential;
  • Mobile. The crucial part of the previous sector;
  • Payment system. Constant changes in regulation and development of new online and mobile technologies forces providers to adapt rapidly;
  • Social gaming. As the line between it and traditional gambling fades away, this sector is an important part of ICE London right now;
  • Sports Betting. Covers both land-based bookmaking facilities and online platforms;
  • Street gaming. With high volumes of low-stake gambling this sector has a lot of potential in the current industry.

Visit the official website of ICE London to explore the details of each sector. You can find the companies and features with respective stand numbers. In addition, it is recommended to book the accommodation in advance and get it at a special rate.

iGB Amsterdam

iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam will take place in the capital city of the Netherlands from 28th September till 1st October. The event will provide a number of workshops from leading experts of the industry on the most burning topics. The main idea of this show is to give out as much useful and on-point content to the participants as possible. 

The official web page allows exploring the events news as well as provides a detailed content agenda for both iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam events that will be held side by side. Here you can see the time dedicated for each workshop as well as its topic and speakers.

Some of the topics the workshops cover:

  1. The influence of sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic digitalization on the gambling industry;
  2. Active table discussing with leading European regulators;
  3. How real is the second wave of Blockchain? The future of cryptocurrency gambling;
  4. Every aspect of providing the best multiplayer slot experience. What do modern online gamblers want from their slots and how exactly providers can meet these requirements?
  5. Esports and internet gambling;
  6. The most efficient methods of driving SEO traffic to internet casino portals;
  7. How to use social media to its fullest potential to build strong communities around one’s brand;
  8. The challenges that come along with moving from land-based facilities to online portals;
  9. Regulated gambling in some European countries (Germany, Netherlands);
  10. How to secure a viable distribution for each upcoming online gambling solution with hundreds of them created every month?

As you can see, with the iGB Amsterdam exhibition it is possible to get some really valuable insights on the different aspects of the industry as well as take part in live discussions on the actual topics.


The SiGMA conference will take place 15 – 19 November in Malta. The organizers call the whole event a Malta week and they for sure planned something staggering. Malta Fairs and Convention Centre will host 3 conferences for investors, hardware and software developers and other active participants of the digital gambling industry. In addition to SiGMA, for the first time in history, there will be an opportunity to attend AGS and AIBC conferences.

Affiliate Grand Slam is the perfect opportunity for content creators, lead generation experts, conversion optimization specialists, professionals in SEO traffic encouragement, affiliates, social influencers and media buyers. With 300 participants (150 speakers and 150 exhibitors) and over 3000 attendees, it creates the space where you can reinforce your networking and seek for new deals and information during 2 days.

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit is the place for world’s best investors and innovators in the area of Blockchain and quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, Fintech, Big Data systems and Internet of things. With expert speakers and valuable workshops, you can easily improve and share your knowledge in this complicated area of science.

In addition to information about speakers and exhibitors of Malta week, the official internet page provides some information about attendees. According to previous surveys, 58% of them choose to attend SiGMA because of the expo, while 21% prefer networking events and 17% value workshops the most. As for the “demography” of the participants, 23% of them are operators, 20% suppliers, 17% affiliates with over 60% of them from European countries.

SBC Barcelona

SBC Barcelona 2021 will take place 21 – 24 September in Spain, Barcelona. It is a global conference/exhibition with almost 5,000 attendees (both live and online), 100 exhibitors, 250 expert speakers and over 200 operators. As you might have already guessed, for those who cannot visit Spain, there will be an option to join a parallel digital version of the conference online. Upcoming live event is the first one since London 2020 and it promises to be exceptional in terms of reuniting the most active people in the industry and reevaluating its current potential as well as future changes.

There will be 4 zones including Sports Betting, Casino and Gaming, Compliance and Payment and Affiliate Marketing and Media. The well-thought official website of SBC makes it convenient to check all the events of the conference with time and stage where they will be held. You can also find some detailed information about each zone.

Examples of workshop topics:

  • How to build a customer-led entertainment platform and why rapid digitalization forces operators to adapt swiftly;
  • Netflix as an example of customer-centricity. How casinos can make slots as popular as series or other mainstream forms of entertainment;
  • What social platform to choose to make the most influence on the audience for the invested money. The battle of YouTube, TikTok and Twitch;
  • The importance of flawless payment systems on the overall gambling experience of the players. What are the ways to improve the banking system to adapt to regulation and demands of the customers?
  • The main benefits of sticking with cryptocurrency for attracting gen-z customers.

The amount of priceless information you can get from this event is immense. Moreover, it also provides space for reinforcing networking and socializing.


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