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History of gambling. From ancient dice to online casino


According to Wikipedia, excitement is an emotion that is associated with anticipation of success in anything, often connected with chance, game, risk and danger. The very definition of gambling excitement explains the related risk and the desire to win any material benefits.

How to start an online casino


The online casino market is one of the few where a competent launch of a new project could bring a significant income right at the start. However, to get the maximum profit from your new business, it’s necessary to follow a list of very important requirements. In this article, we will explain what you need to think through before start your online casino.

Something about slot games


In any casino, whether it's classic online casino or land-based club project, slot games are the basic thing. Exactly within games occur gross revenue circulation and determining of profitable factor of clients business. In fact, client sells casino games embedded to his project to his players.

In today’s gambling market most common scheme is when big casino provider has contracts with the most popular online slots providers while operator rents this games and pays certain percentage for it. Casino provider (reseller) matches all providers requirements including all licenses and everything would be good except for significant amount of money that operator should pay for working with the best online slots. And furthermore, apart from huge costs operator will have to follow both providers and resellers requirements.

Sweepstakes in gambling: how the system works


Originally sweepstakes is a promotional tool for seize clients which can be described in a nutshell as “make some motion and take a chance to win a prize”. When we see Facebook publishing about a chance to win iPhone for the first dozen of company account subscribers or when a car brand registrate you as a participant in contest for Maldives tickets (as long as you buy their cars, of course) - all this is an old good sweepstakes game.

The sweepstakes that is considered as a classic model of such promotion strategy is a well known McDonald’s Monopoly game. This lottery is held by the biggest fast food chain all over the world for more than 30 years. The game implies the following: when you purchase something in a restaurant you get a coupon. Coupons value different: some of them are instantly exchanged for food, for example for cheeseburger. Other coupons display the fields of the Monopoly board and if you want to win something valuable you have to collect some property from this board. Obviously for collecting something really worthy you have to buy McDonald’s food over and over again.

White Label vs. Turnkey. What to choose?


Starting an article with platitudes is not the best decision but we can’t but say that casino software market grows year by year. If you are eager to launch your own casino business you'll have to explore a lot of offers from different gambling developers. Usually there are two ways of gaming project creation: casino software development from scratch - Turnkey casino solution or purchase of ready-to-operate casino solution - White Label software.

So, how to make a right choice? In this article we’ll analyze both White Label and Turnkey casino development, as well as advantages and pitfalls of both methods.

Casino game development trends for 2018


In the beginning of 2018, the most popular participants of the gambling industry gathered in London for the largest event in the iGaming world – the ICE exhibition. The slot games developer Mascot Gaming was no exception – the company’s staff also visited the legendary exhibition. In addition to holding lots of important meetings with current and potential customers and partners, we carefully studied the products of the leading game developers and compiled our list of trends in the casino game development for 2018.