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In-Depth Review of Hydra's Lair by Mascot Casino Slots Developer


Hydra's Lair is another proof of quality for a provider of this caliber. It has recently hit the iGaming market yet has managed to attract gamblers with its fast gameplay, amazing brand and new features, and gorgeous aesthetics typical to all Mascot Gaming slots. The monstrous dragon of the marshes with multiple heads capable of regenerating twice when cut off serves as the special wild symbol of the game - the clue to the most generous feature of Hydra's Lair. Take a look at the game metrics here.

We are coming back to Sigma Europe!


From November 15th to 17th, Mascot Gaming will participate in Sigma Europe in Malta! What an exciting week of networking, workshops, and brainstorming awaits us!

Deep Review of the Deepsea Riches By Mascot Gaming


Considering the fact that there have been millions of shipwrecks, you will get the chance to find a part of pirates' sunken treasures through the new release by Mascot Gaming Deepsea Riches! The nautical theme has been perfectly brought about with the appropriate symbols, the scuba diver that leads the game, the background depicting a scene of the underwater world, and the mood–setting soundtrack. However, besides being highly attractive with its visuals, the game can be quite rewarding thanks to the Rockfall, Free Spins, and the Risk & Buy features. So, hold your breath and dive deep into the new underwater adventure by Mascot!

Loot The Train: In–Depth Review


Whatever theme lies on the basis of a Mascot Gaming slot is excellently developed. The same refers to the newly released Loot The Train game. The design and animations of the depicted train car and the background enhance the feel of the Western world; the characters tempt you to indulge in the game, while the bonus games will add spice to your gameplay. So let us lift the curtain and see what the video slot Loot The Train hides behind the reels!

The Princess and Dwarfs is the game of the month for August 2022


NonStopBonus, a respected gambling portal, has named The Princess and Dwarfs by Mascot Gaming the game of the month. And this is why …

Insight Into The Princess & Dwarfs: Rockways


Mascot Gaming has brought the traditional fairytale about a princess and shorty dwarfs to life in an immersive and fabulously rewarding video slot, The Princess & Dwarfs: Rockways. So indulge in the fun of mining treasures with little dwarfs and let the Rockways brand Mascot feature reward you with big wins!

Fruit Disco: Mega Stacks – A Fruit Party by Mascot Gaming


Mascot Gaming has at last released its long–anticipated brainchild – Fruit disco: Mega Stacks! A new collection of ripe fruits have taken the dance floor in the virtual retro disco. Check out the latest video slot review to discover what new entertainment you can already get!

Double Triple Fruits – The Fruit Party By Mascot Gaming Is Already Available


Mascot Gaming has recently released its eighth fruit video slot via the Double Triple Fruits video slot! This is a super easy yet highly entertaining game worth your attention. It has lovely graphics, an energizing soundtrack, and some unique features. Check out a comprehensive review of the game before engaging in the gameplay since “forewarned is forearmed”!

All Mascot Gaming games are now certified for Malta!


Happy to announce that all Mascot Gaming games are now certified for Malta jurisdiction by Global Lab test house. We're honoured to move forward along with the industry! Check out all the details here:

Riot2: Blow and Burn becomes an editor's pick of CHIPY.COM in June 2022


Find out how Riot2: Blow and Burn becomes an editor's pick slot of the month from portal. Discover the most relevant information about the slot's features here!

RIOT 2: BLOW AND BURN – the game you have been waiting for


It's finally here! The original story of the post–apocalyptic confrontation between the forces of good and evil continues in the second part of the most recognizable and popular slot that was to you by Mascot Gaming – RIOT 2: BLOW AND BURN! Check out the game review right now!

Mayan Riches Rockways – new release from Mascot Gaming


Mascot Gaming has proven to take igaming software development to new heights by exploring new mechanics and making its releases exciting for all online gamblers. This time operator pleases them with an addition to the lineup of games with a signature RockWays feature. Read on to get a hang of every other feature of the new release.

Across the Universe becomes an Editor's Choice of CasinoFreak portal in April 2022


Find out how Across the Universe received an award from CasinoFreak portal. Discover the most relevant information about the slot's features that make it stand out among the rest of releases from Mascot Gaming.

Across The Universe – your new favorite video slot


Mascot Gaming never ceases to deliver top–tier games to its clients. This time, a new release from the casino slots developer takes players to the distant unknown space and offers experiencing well–known gameplay of classic online slots but with some pleasant additions. If it is not enough to make you interested, read on to find out what makes this release so special.

The candy Crush becomes a Slot of March in 2022!


We are delighted to inform you that The Candy Crush, one of the newest slot games by Mascot Gaming, has been chosen Slot of the Month for March 2022 on the SlotsMate platform.

The Candy Crush – new release with Rockfall mechanics


Discover what Mascot Gaming prepared for you in the new release in addition to bellowed Rockfall mechanics and signature top-notch visuals.

Signature features and 3D graphics – new FOR THE REALM release from Mascot Gaming


Starting 2022 year strong, Mascot Gaming releases FOR THE REALM, online slot that features three unique series of free spins as well as 3D visuals with fantasy/medieval theme. Stick around to find out what else this exciting release has to offer.

Cleopatra's Gems Rockways – the peak of slot machine game development


Strictly positive feedback on the Primal Bet. Rockways slot, which was the first release to feature RockWays mechanics, was the main reason why Mascot Gaming created Cleopatra's Gems Rockways. Read the game review here.

Twin Fruits of Santa – high‐quality festive gambling from Mascot Gaming


Find out everything you need to know about the new Twin Fruits of Santa release from Mascot Gaming to enjoy the amazing mechanics and atmosphere of the winter holidays.

FAIRYTALE COVEN: experience new features and exceptional atmosphere


Mascot Gaming continues to expand the range of their top–notch igaming software on the market by releasing FAIRYTALE COVEN video slot. Check out the game review here.

Interview with Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing Department at Mascot Gaming


Right before winter holidays the gambling online portal interviewed Mascot Gaming Head of Marketing Margarita Malysheva. Find out her thoughts about trending gaming features, the most dance–provoking slot soundtrack and Mascot Gaming leapfrog here.

Try out new PRIMAL BET. ROCKWAYS slot on upcoming igaming events


Providing the best gameplay for the clients is the main goal of the Mascot Gaming team. PRIMAL BET. ROCKWAYS is their latest release that offers a completely new RockWays mechanics in addition to the RockFall feature they have introduced before. Developer also went for the old–school dinosaur theme. However, the surprises do not end on that, read on to find out more.

Aloha Tiki Bar – great atmosphere and top–notch gameplay


As one of the fastest growing slot gaming companies, Mascot Gaming has pleased its clients once again by providing a fresh addition to an already popular series of fruit games. Meet Aloha Tiki Bar!

Pinup Dolls – the slot game from Mascot Gaming that has it all


Mascot Gaming never stops delighting its players with bright and exciting games. The developer is releasing a new slot game with Wild Reels and a bonus game in their recognizable style. Read the text about Pinup Dolls!

Evil Bet – perfect option for slot games integration


Evil Bet is the newest release from Mascot Gaming, a provider that is already available in every partner casino worldwide for real–money gambling and as a demo version on our demo website. Released right before Halloween, the slot provides an opportunity to dive into a spooky atmosphere.

International gambling shows


Annual expos, shows and conferences are the places where people working in the same industry meet up to share experience and evaluate its current status as well as potential future changes. The article describes every upcoming annual event. Our team visits all the mentioned expos and has some information to share.

Dragon's Nest – more than just another innovative slot from Mascot Gaming


In a faraway castle a Great Dragon guards his precious eggs like the apple of an eye. Try to grab this treasured trophy from him! Read the game review here

Twin Fruits of the Olympus – new addition to the lineup of innovative slots from Mascot Gaming


Mascot Gaming has done it again with Twin Fruits of the Olympus. The game complies with the high quality standards of innovative slots from the software provider. Interesting yet simple gameplay with a pleasant atmosphere make it 100% worth trying. Check out the game review here

Fruits of Luxor – the representative of innovative slots by Mascot Gaming


Juicy splash in the sands of the Ancient World. Enjoy a fresh adventure to marvelous Luxor! Mascot Gaming continues to please its fans with new slot games and Fruit of Luxor just might be the one for you. Check out the game review here

Zeus The Thunderer by Mascot Gaming takes the market of casino games video slots by storm


Yet another addition to the already vast selection of innovative slots solutions from Mascot gaming is now available for everyone. Let's go over its main features and design solutions to create a clear image of the game. Meet Zeus the Thunderer by Mascot Gaming.

The Book of Amaterasu: Check Out One of the Newest Slots by Mascot Gaming


The Book of Amaterasu is now available for everyone who likes colorful themes, high–quality graphics, and beneficial features. If you have ever tried and enjoyed vivid casino slots developer demo versions by this company, the chances are that the Book of Amaterasu will also satisfy your gambling needs. Check out the detailed description of this slot in this review.

Bastet and Cats Becomes a Slot of June in 2021!


We are delighted to inform you that Bastet and Cats, one of the newest slot games by Mascot Gaming, has been chosen Slot of the Month for July 2021 on the SlotsMate platform. That is a prestigious award, so it can surely be a reason to be proud. Different factors are taken to attention by SlotMate when picking the best game. They include visual effects, creative ideas, unique features, and more.

Bastet and Cats: One More Perl in the Collection of Mascot Gaming Slot Games


There are many reasons why Mascot Gaming belongs to the best slot gaming companies. One of them is that it keeps releasing fantastic slot games with interesting themes, high–quality graphics, and, of course, beneficial features. Meet the Bastet and Cats slot now! It is one of those Mascot Gaming slot games that will amaze you with 3D graphics and stunning animated elements. Keep reading this review to find out more in–depth info about this game.

The Myth: A New Exciting Addition to the List of Slot Games by Mascot Gaming


The list of slot games produced by Mascot Gaming is getting longer. Now, players can check out a new exciting game from one of the leading gaming companies. It is a slot called the Myth which has been recently released and is now available in both demo and real-money play modes.

Rerun of the Top Game HELL'SING from a Great Casino Game Producer


Last year Mascot Gaming started updating some of their already released slots to bring even more excitement from gaming experience to players. The first one to update was Re_Kill video slot and the results of this rerun have proved that such renovation definitely makes sense. This time the choice fell on HELL'SING game – already popular, but with a potential to be even better.

A New Slot from One of the Top iGaming Software Providers: Checking out the Prince of Persia Slot


Lots of unique gambling games have already been produced by Mascot Gaming, and more of them are added to our library on a constant basis. One of our latest releases is the Prince of Persia slot. It will be a great choice for players appreciating fairytale themes and various profitable features. Read a full description of this slot in this review.

Merry Scary Christmas has been chosen Slot of Month in February 2021!


We’re happy to announce that our slot Merry Scary Christmas was selected as Slot of the Month for February 2021 by The Slot of the Month award is given monthly to slot games that show a lot of potential and have great things to offer to players - unique features, great visuals, compelling stories and more!

Merry Scary Christmas: The Collection of Unique Gambling Games by Mascot Gaming Has Been Updated Again


Having released a series of breathtaking slot games in 2020, Mascot Gaming finishes this extraordinary year with an extraordinary title – awesome 3D slot Merry Scary Christmas. Will you dare to grab your gifts from Bad Santa?!

Three Corsairs: Hitting the Ocean along with Brave Adventurers


Rapidly expanding the collection of games with a unique Risk&Buy feature, Mascot Gaming introduces a new thrilling video slot, Three Corsairs, only one week after the previous release.

Queen of Spades: The Slot Online Demo Review


Cards never lie! Are you ready to risk to know your fate? Queen of Spades is waiting for you in her castle! Meet the novelty from Mascot Gaming – mystic slot Queen of Spades with popular game mechanic Risk&Buy.

Join Mascot Gaming at the most realistic and interactive expo East & West


Last week Mascot Gaming participated in Sigma Virtual Expo. The online event opened awesome networking opportunities, so we're happy to announce the next virtual conference – East & West! The East & West platform is even more sophisticated, offering an unprecedented, genuine virtual reality experience with 3D booths and models.

Mascot Gaming at Sigma Europe Virtual expo


This extraordinary year shows us that the whole world has stepped into the digital reality, no matter if someone likes it or not. Should we celebrate it? Or should we worry? Anyway, to be in line with the rest, continue developing and earning, everyone should dive deeper into the electronic world.

Updating Our iGaming Software: A New Life of Re_Kill


We love our games and, of course, we do track their lifecycle after launch. We work not only on new titles but also on those which have already been released. First of all, our games should be attractive for players. So after monitoring game metrics on the run we decided to update a few slots from our gaming set. We selected a list of titles from which we, frankly, expected more. The first one was Re_Kill. Definitely, already popular, but why not making it even better?

Riot Is Chosen the Game of the Month for November 2020


We have great news that we want to share with our users! Riot has become the Game of the Month for November 2020. It has been titled so by Nonstopbonus, which carefully goes through various games to pick the most exciting ones.

The complete Fruit Trilogy by the best casino slots developer


Homage to the luxurious gambling capitals and iconic slot theme, these classic games make your players feel the true vibe of the real casino. Which city would you choose? Unpredictable Vegas, mysterious Macau, or elegant Monaco?

Anksunamun The Queen of Egypt: explaining the other side of Mascot iGaming software


Feel the warmth and heat of the Egyptian desert. Breathe in the spirit of adventure. Hear the involving motives of the ancient world. And prepare to touch the immense treasures of the pharaoh's tomb. Are you lucky enough to take them all with you?

Gryphon's Castle from Mascot Gaming: when the new meets the old


Noble Gryphon guards a castle full of treasures. Will you dare to take them? Your bravery deserves a great reward! We are happy to present you the next part of our review article series – Gryphon's Castle slot game description.

Gemz Grow from Mascot Gaming: thousands ways to catch luck by the tail


Welcome to the bright magical mountain valley full of gems hidden under the sunshine. Leave all your worries beyond the current moment, listen to the calming, meditating melody and go on a quest. We continue the series of articles describing our top slot games with a new review about Gemz Grow.

The Red Horde: slot setting Mascot apart from other gambling software developers


The Red Horde stands for the countless legions of red goblins attacking the village. Your mission is to be lucky and protect the inhabitants from evil creatures with your best spins while enjoying the beautiful graphics. Of course, big treasures will be your reward. Are you ready? Alright then, put on your helmet, take a sword and raise your shield! Goblins attack!

Riot: meet one of the best Mascot casino games, try demo and enjoy!


Recently, we announced an article series on the video slots that are most popular among players of our online casino partners. And we are happy to continue writing such texts for you. The subject of our current review is Riot – our superhit slot game with unique Risk&Buy feature.

CanCan Saloon by Mascot Gaming: the video slot you should like!


The wild saloon invites the coolest and most desperate cowboys and the hottest girls one can find! Open your heart, sharpen the wits, take the hat on and let’s find some big money!

Mascot Gaming rolls out major updates


The Mascot Gaming team has spent the past few months working on some major developments and updates to its full suite of innovative slots, allowing operators to offer their players the most thrilling and exciting casino games on the market.

Levelling the playing field


The pandemic crisis is in its pick and we continue to think of ways for casino operators to overcome its challenges. This time Mascot Gaming Head of Marketing Margarita Malysheva talks to 5 Star on the matter. Find out how remote working differs in small studios and biggest game producers.

Keep calm and play on


Young gaming studios can turn pandemia crisis into a business opportunity. Postpone all minor issues, concentrate on development and strengthening relationship with operators, ensuring maximum support for them which will result in mutual growth. For operators, it's a chance to consider fresh gaming content from new small providers. Trust us, they are good, too.

Age is more than just a number: what exactly players of different age need


Margarita Malysheva, Mascot Gaming's Marketing Director, talked with on what exactly players of different age need and how to ensure the appropriate balance of titles in a gaming set for online casino operators.

How to make your game portfolio stand out


More and more operators nowadays decide to stand out from the crowd with exclusive content. It is definitely a winning strategy as it increases players retention. But what if small or middle-sized operators have no budget on it?

Industry predictions for 2020


New year – new expectations. With the onset of 2020, EGR decided to ask industry experts which trends they saw among gambling software developers and how the gambling industry would change within the forthcoming decade. Of course, we were happy to express our view on the matter. Mascot Gaming's Marketing Director takes the floor talking about three significant areas: collaborations of online casinos and land–based brands, behavioural analytics of slots players and raising competition from EU giants.

Insights for slot gaming companies: Traffic Games & Profit Games development


In the end of November the notable portal interviewed our Chief Technical Officer Dmitry Malyshev. They talked about how slot gaming companies should pack their portfolio in order to get the best out of it. Dmitriy explained that certain titles attract new players whereas others generate stable revenues. This demarcation is crucial, but sometimes not vivid for operators. Make sure you know what stands behind each game and how it might influence your whole business.

Mascot Gaming interview prior SIGMA'19 Malta


We continue sharing insights on the process of games creation. Read our fresh interview to Latest Casino Bonuses in which we memorize how it all began 10 years ago (with our own online casino!) and disclose where we're aimed now (implementing unique gaming mechanics and brand new features in world popular games). We really loved this constructive talk with the guys!

Mascot Gaming at ICE London 2020


ICE London. The most influential and well–known gambling event in the world. More than 35 000 gaming professionals from all over the world will arrive at the British capital for the most meaningful iGaming networking. Needless to say that Mascot Gaming will not stand aside.

Mascot Gaming at SIGMA'19


Happy to announce that our team will attend SIGMA'19 that will take place in Malta on November, 27–29. SIGMA exhibition managers declare that this year event will be the busiest show offering plenty of business opportunities. As for us, we prepared something really hot – first of all, fresh slot games with innovative outstanding features as well as a set of classic table games.

Mascot Gaming RNG tested by GLI®


We are happy to declare that we got our RNG certificate approved by the leading industry testing service GLI®.

Play new casino games from Mascot Gaming!


Here at Mascot Gaming we have very active weekdays. Heading to the SIGMA Malta and ICE London, working on our booths and POS for the events. And surely, preparing some new casino games to demo play them there!

What it takes to make a casino game integration


So, you've made up your mind to launch a casino. You made a thorough analysis of the market and calculated a business plan. You chose casino games for sale, created a marketing strategy and prepared the promotions. The next step is to make games integration. Let us check what it actually means.

Main terms of online software gaming platforms


The online slots industry possesses a huge variety of games for every taste and risk manner. When building your own casino, it is important to create a diversified gaming set to let players what they want. To do this, you need to know the main industry terms for types of games and their characteristics (metrics). So, let’s start with finding out what kind of slots casino gaming platforms offer on the market.

A new partnership


Mascot Gaming has announced a new partnership with Patagonia Enterntainment – content and platform provider for iGaming industry.

Inside gaming development. Mascot Gaming Technical Director interview


Mascot Gaming is bringing 10 brand new games to iGB Live! 2019 – 9 video slots and one table game. The new set will be of favour to players of different tastes – there are both classical slots and something not met before, like Purple Pills (a funny game, peculiar homage to D12’s old rap song) or Hell’sing in gothic setting. In connection with this huge release, we decided to talk to our Chief Technical Director Dmitriy M.

MASCOT GAMING at iGB Live! 2019 in Amsterdam


Dear all, we invite you to visit our stand N29 at iGB Live! 2019 in Amsterdam - one of the best international events in iGaming industry. For that exhibition, we prepared a really impressive game release - 9 video slots and one table game.

Do we need revolution in casino games for sale?


Innovative approach and non-standard methods are usually welcome in software development as they make you different from competitors and tend to surprise end users. Nowadays gambling operators who buy casino software expect it to contain some new features in addition to traditional functionality. But is it really required by players? And what's even more crucial - is it cost-effective?

Mascot Gaming at ICE2019 London
Mascot Gaming London debut at ICE 2019


A year ago we visited ICE 2018 in London and wrote about the trends in game development. Did we have any idea of representing our own gaming set at the world's most important iGaming exhibition in 2019? Yes we did.
Meet us at stand N9-125.

History of gambling. From ancient dice to online casino


According to Wikipedia, excitement is an emotion that is associated with anticipation of success in anything, often connected with chance, game, risk and danger. The very definition of gambling excitement explains the related risk and the desire to win any material benefits.

How to start an online casino


The online casino market is one of the few where a competent launch of a new project could bring a significant income right at the start. However, to get the maximum profit from your new business, it's necessary to follow a list of very important requirements. In this article, we will explain what you need to think through before start your online casino.

Something about slot games


In any casino, whether it's classic online casino or land-based club project, slot games are the basic thing. Exactly within games occur gross revenue circulation and determining of profitable factor of clients business. In fact, client sells casino games embedded to his project to his players.

In today's gambling market most common scheme is when big casino provider has contracts with the most popular online slots providers while operator rents this games and pays certain percentage for it. Casino provider (reseller) matches all providers requirements including all licenses and everything would be good except for significant amount of money that operator should pay for working with the best online slots. And furthermore, apart from huge costs operator will have to follow both providers and resellers requirements.

Sweepstakes in gambling: how the system works


Originally sweepstakes is a promotional tool for seize clients which can be described in a nutshell as “make some motion and take a chance to win a prize”. When we see Facebook publishing about a chance to win iPhone for the first dozen of company account subscribers or when a car brand registrate you as a participant in contest for Maldives tickets (as long as you buy their cars, of course) - all this is an old good sweepstakes game.

The sweepstakes that is considered as a classic model of such promotion strategy is a well known McDonald's Monopoly game. This lottery is held by the biggest fast food chain all over the world for more than 30 years. The game implies the following: when you purchase something in a restaurant you get a coupon. Coupons value different: some of them are instantly exchanged for food, for example for cheeseburger. Other coupons display the fields of the Monopoly board and if you want to win something valuable you have to collect some property from this board. Obviously for collecting something really worthy you have to buy McDonald's food over and over again.

White Label vs. Turnkey. What to choose?


Starting an article with platitudes is not the best decision but we can't but say that casino software market grows year by year. If you are eager to launch your own casino business you'll have to explore a lot of offers from different gambling developers. Usually there are two ways of gaming project creation: casino software development from scratch - Turnkey casino solution or purchase of ready-to-operate casino solution - White Label software.

So, how to make a right choice? In this article we'll analyze both White Label and Turnkey casino development, as well as advantages and pitfalls of both methods.

Casino game development trends for 2018


In the beginning of 2018, the most popular participants of the gambling industry gathered in London for the largest event in the iGaming world – the ICE exhibition. The slot games developer Mascot Gaming was no exception – the company's staff also visited the legendary exhibition. In addition to holding lots of important meetings with current and potential customers and partners, we carefully studied the products of the leading game developers and compiled our list of trends in the casino game development for 2018.

Mascot Gaming
Stand S78
14 – 18 Nov, 2022