Cleopatra`s Gems Bingo - New Game Line From Mascot

Feb 12, 2023

Navigating your way past sarcophagi, pharaohs, and mummies, you will appear in the treasury of the youngest Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. That's what one of the industry's major casino software suppliers, Mascot Gaming promises its users with its new Cleopatra's Gems Bingo stunning online game! This is a unique game made up of a blend of a classic lottery game and an innovative Extra Balls feature! Want to peek into the game's structure and see what a fantastic gambling pastime it guarantees you?

Technical Information

Cleopatra will lead you to its depository in the hunt for precious gems, where you'll face four cards, each holding 15 different numbers for 60 balls. The game has a simple yet highly engaging gameplay - you pick up one to four cards, each of which has 15 unique numbers. Your purpose is to collect winning combinations on every card and receive a payment per the paytable.

Overall, there are 21 winning combinations with various winning combos ranging from 3x to 500x the bet. Taking into account that bets can reach up to 80.00, Cleopatra's Gems Bingo can become a pretty reading gambling game! Plus, the RTP rate is 95%, the Hit Rate is 28.5%, and the volatility is high! Big chances for big bucks!

Find the winning combinations on the game screen, just to the right side of the cards. Mascot Gaming showcases them from its players' convenience - you always have them at hand to see if your cards are in a beneficial state!

This video bingo is fully adapted for mobile devices thanks to the innovative structure and ergonomic and flexible buttons that guarantee an unbeatable gambling experience.

Extra Balls Features for Superb Wins!

To help you pave your way to huge wins from Cleopatra's treasury, Mascot Gaming has incorporated a one-of-a-kind Extra Balls booming feature to spice up the game and boost winning chances. Every time you face a potential winning combination in any round, the Extra Balls feature can be triggered. You get the right to buy an extra ball the game will choose additionally. You can actually buy as many as ten balls. And each of them can enhance the present winning combination. Note that the "Extra Balls" unique feature can't be activated in the autoplay mode.

Cleopatra's Gems Bingo Theme and Design

Ancient Egypt, its gods, pharaohs, and Cleopatra make up the basic themes for casino games. This cryptic, archaic country's wealth and mystic power have always captured the imagination of software designers working for the best casino software suppliers. And Mascot's talented team of developers is not an exception. You can periodically meet games based on the theme of ancient Egypt. And if those are video slots, here we deal with the development of a new type of casino game that Mascot is engaged in - bingo!

Cleopatra's Gems Bingo has a simple layout and design, and yet, it bewitches with its magnetizing Egyptian rhythm, the soft earth hues, the gently swinging palm leaves, and the slowly rising glowworms. Mascot's developers skillfully take you to Cleopatra's era and put you in front of the queen's treasury right at sunset every time you launch the game.

So, welcome to Cleopatra's Gems Bingo by Mascot Gaming if you dream of having a glimpse of the best parts of human history and having some fun in the meantime!

Final Words

Cleopatra's Gems Bingo is an excellent addition to Mascot Gaming's games portfolio and is the first in the video bingo games selection. This well-rounded production is already available for Mascto's fans worldwide and is definitely worth a try!