Hamsters, Ufo And Mascot Gaming: “Crash, Hamster, Crash” Review.

Mar 6, 2024

Mascot Gaming, a prominent player among gambling software developers, enhances their portfolio with "Crash, Hamster, Crash!", their second title in the crash game genre. This game invites players into an enchanting realm where humorously adorable hamsters grapple with the enigma of UFOs in a captivating and playful challenge.


The essence of any crash game is to collect winnings before they crash. “Crash, Hamster, Crash!” allows you to place from 1 to 3 bets at the same time, in the form of hamsters. As players let their hamsters go to be abducted by the UFO, the win multiplier starts to grow. At any time, players can take their winnings with the current win multiplier. 

The real challenge for the players is to guess how further the will multiplier will increase and pick it up at the right time. If players fail to do so, and the bet crushes, then the bet will be considered lost. The maximum possible win multiplier is x5000. 

Depending on the amount of bet, hamsters' outfit change accordingly, Players may “dress” them in: in a cute winter outfit with hat and a scarf, or a superman costume. The highest bet is represented by a fancy hip hop outfit with a golden chain and cool sunglasses.

With 'Crash, Hamster, Crash' Mascot Gaming shows how gambling software developers can create simple yet engaging game mechanics.


The overall design of the game is colorful and cartoonish, with bright, vibrant colors that make the characters and environment pop. The backdrop of the game is a picturesque natural setting with lush green meadows, pine trees, and distant mountains under a clear sky

What truly sets "Crash, Hamster, Crash!" apart is a delightful fusion of the cute and the comical - hamsters are being abducted by the UFO.  The game mechanics are connected with the game's design - the beam of the UFO serves as the tool for multiplier growth. 


It’s simply impossible not to fall for those hamsters! As players navigate through the game, they're treated to a light-hearted and engaging experience that combines easy-to-understand mechanics with a depth of strategy that is engaging for both casual players and those looking for more involvement. Through 'Crash, Hamster, Crash!', Mascot Gaming demonstrates the kind of engaging experiences gambling software developers can create.