The Complete Fruit Trilogy by the Best Casino Slots Developer

Oct 14, 2020

Hello again, our dearest partners and luckiest gamblers reading this!

Mascot Gaming had passed through a long way to transform from a regular game development company into the widely known top–calibre casino slots developer. The experience we've got is embodied in every new game we release. The main inspiration of our programmers and designers comes from the feedback of satisfied players and incomes generated for our partners.

Consequently, the more people and companies like and use our iGaming software, the better our new releases become. Sometimes, the inspiration and performance of our casino game development team create really unexpected and completely unusual things.

For example, this time we've got the double shot for you! After the Fruit Vegas slot became an undisputed hit, the trip through casino capitals has to continue! Two Mascot Gaming pearls appear in public at a time: Fruit Macau and Fruit Monaco! The trilogy is now complete!

Both games belong to the Profit Games category, yet this does not mean they will fail to impress you. Let's see what the double release of fruit slots has to offer.

Double Fruit Slots Review: Classics Meets Originality

When our leading casino slots developer and the team only started working on these two games, they were excited and confused at a time. The excitement came from their wish to create something great and cool for every online casino games enthusiast to enjoy. In turn, the confusion originated from understanding how challenging it might be due to the concept of these two slot games. However, they took the challenge, and passed through the trial with honour!

You might think: Why was it especially difficult? The explanation is simple: both Fruit Macau and Fruit Monaco are obviously fruit slots. Fruit slots were the very first machines that ever appeared in land-based casinos, and then in their online versions. This means, there are millions of gamblers all over the world who started their gambling “career” with fruit slots.

Of course, working on such a classical, historical concept made our development team feel huge responsibility and pressure. We couldn't allow ourselves failing to fulfil the gamblers' expectations and needed to let their nostalgia add a significant emotional background to the experience that every enthusiast would get from these two slots.

At the same time, we couldn't just copy purely classical slots “as they are”, and felt the need to add some originality. However, the features and gameplay changes had to be perfectly and carefully balanced with the old-school spirit and style of two slots.

The synthesis of two approaches and the mix of two styles was our solution. It was the attempt to create something original and new on the fundament of things that every gambler knows well. We did our best, and nailed it!

The synthesis of the casino slot classicism and Mascot Gaming flow of originality created really unique numbers of online casino games. Their setting and design are classic, but they have completely new graphics full of exciting details. Their features are well-known to all the casino enthusiasts but still remarkable and enjoyable for anyone.

Fine, that review intro was a bit too long. Let's proceed with the first part of the slot review. In case you want to try either one of the trilogy games, visit the Mascot Gaming casino game developer demo page at the website. You'll find all the necessary links to free online slots there.

Fruit Macau: The Fresh Look at Eternal Classics

Fruit Macau will be the first slot for us to review. As always, some technical information should fit here perfectly. Fruit Macau tech data:

  • RTP: 95.0%;
  • Hit rate: 36.5%;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • Release Date: September 30, 2020;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

As we mentioned at the very beginning of this article, Fruit Macau belongs to the category of Profit Games. This is how our casino slots developer team calls online casino games created to generate maximum profits for our partners. This means, such slots have their mechanics and features maximally familiar and usual for all gambling enthusiasts, regardless of their age and experience.

As a result, the gameplay of Fruit Macau is as close to that of original fruit slots as it was possible for us to make it. Three rows, five reels, and nine classical pay lines mean anyone knowing what the casino slot is can play this game without fear. High RTP rate is some kind of a standard all over the industry nowadays, but it is not the highest return Mascot Gaming slots can offer.

The below 35% hit rate is also not the best opportunity a modern gambler can get from our slots, though as you could see it's the profit-oriented software exemplar. However, the medium volatility is the point expanding the potential audience of this game significantly: medium volatility slots can suit both experienced gambling veterans hoping to get their big bank at lower risks, and online casino newcomers who still don't feel the need to play with low volatility spins.

Now, when you know Fruit Macau as the pretty universal online slot potentially suiting the widest public of gamblers, it is time to talk about its in-game features. As we said previously, our team aimed to make all the bonuses and gameplay challenges be maximally familiar and intuitively understandable for all gamblers in the world. We mean it: fruits, Scatters and Wilds the gamblers are about to see on the reels will grant them pleasant nostalgic flashbacks (if they are old-school enthusiasts) or deliver fantastic experience by showing the spirit of good old days (to those who represent the younger generation of gamblers).

Now, here is the list of Fruit Macau Slot features:

  • Adjacent Pays mean the winner gets the reward if at least three adjacent symbols show up anywhere on the reels;
  • Free Spins with bonuses speak for themselves: appropriate combinations of Scatter symbols grant the player Free Spin series with up to x5 multipliers;
  • And here goes probably the tastiest feature: Extra Free Spins can be retriggered if the player hits their combo during the ongoing Free game series.

We sincerely tried to maintain the required balance between the new and the old in this slot to make it be a delicious cocktail mixed with the best ingredients. You can check if Mascot Gaming reached the goal by visiting the casino slots developer demo page of Fruit Macau.

Let's move further! It's the double-shot review, and here goes the Fruit Monaco!

Fruit Monaco: The Final Point of Casino Capital Trilogy

So, we already moved from Las Vegas to Macau, and now it is time to leave for the Kingdom of Fruit Monaco, the capital of European casinos. This is the slot where you can play the royal game with the juiciest fruits on the reels and actually become rich as a king or queen. But first, every gambling enthusiast should check the slot tech data.

Here are the key parameters of Fruit Monaco:

  • RTP: 95.45%;
  • Hit rate: 34.7%;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • Release Date: September 30, 2020;
  • Developed with: HTML5.

Five reels and three rows come again. Did you expect something else from the classical fruit slot? Neither did we. Compared to its twin brother Fruit Macau, the slot about Monaco offers a bit higher RTP rates, yet with an equally lower hit rate.

This means it is a slightly riskier but more paying game that still suits the most gamblers well. The expert and the newbie will feel it equally perfect to dive into the atmosphere of the first existing casino slots and to move to Monaco's gambling house without even leaving a comfortable chair at home.

However, the well-designed and carefully processed elements of contemporary graphics combined with the classical picture style and multiplied by next-gen post-processing and effects will let the gambler keep feeling trendy and modern. Players will enjoy this slot just like people enjoy the meal cooked by an old receipt yet with the use of contemporary instruments and decorations.

Fruit Monaco features are twofold, and both of their sides are called to provide gamblers with an exclusively positive experience. On one hand, all players do know such bonuses and are aware of using them profitably. On the other hand, our game designers did everything to make features look unusual and involving.

The list of Fruit Monaco features includes:

  • Wild Multipliers on Free Spins: The Wild symbol appearing on the reels during the Free Spins series can multiply the player's reward, hitting 3, 4 and 5 Scatters adds x2, x3 and x5 win multipliers respectively;
  • Wilds Transformation: The symbols displaying Queens and Kings get transformed into Wilds on Free Spin series if there is at least one Wild Symbol on the reels;
  • And yes, we know you like it: the retriggering of Free Spins is possible during the ongoing series with the appropriate symbols showing up.

Does it sound interesting to you? Then, don't hesitate for too long and don't waste too much time. Just visit our page with casino slots developer demo versions, and try Fruit Monaco for free right away! The Kingdom awaits!

Afterword by Mascot

The fruit trilogy is finished, but our way is far from its end. The Mascot Gaming team will continue creating new online casino games. And of course, we will always do our best to deliver that perfect slot you would like to see.

Stay with us, and don't miss the upcoming reviews of our new products!

Good luck!