Apr 1, 2024

"DreamShock: Jackpot X" from the innovative igaming software provider, Mascot Gaming, captures that quintessential vibe in spades. It’s a wild ride through a world where old-school cool meets future shock, and every spin could drop a jackpot win right in your lap. So, grab your shades, because the future’s bright and the wins are dazzling!


“DreamShock: Jackpot X” features a dynamic 5x3 reel layout, tailored for those who crave engagement with its medium volatility and an expansive 243 payways. 

Payout adjustments for a five-of-a-kind are as follows:

  • Landing five Nines or Tens now results in a reward x75 to the line’s bet.

  • Securing five Jacks will enhance your winnings with x100 to the line’s bet.

  • A set of five Queens is now worth x150 to the line’s bet.

  • Collecting five Kings will generously provide x250 to the line’s bet.

  • Accumulating five Aces increases the payout to x300 to the line’s bet.

  • The Rider with his purple visors and edgy hair, offers x400 to the line’s bet.

  • The Pilot, the daredevil of the sky, grants a substantial x750 to the line’s bet.

  • The Rogue Hacker, with cool, silver hair and cybernetic enhancements, awards an impressive x1000 to the line’s bet.

  • The Neon Rebel, upon hitting five-of-a-kind, gives x1500 to the line’s bet.

In-game symbols maintain their unique roles, with the Wild Symbol, crafted in the likeness of a robot, substituting for all symbols apart from the Scatter. Wilds can appear across the reels in both the base game and Free Spins, excluding the leftmost reel. 

The Scatter Symbol, depicted as a high-energy battery, has the potential to materialize during any part of the game. When two or more Scatters are landed, they electrify the gameplay, activating the pivotal Scatter feature, which  is a testament to the creativity of this igaming software provider.


"DreamShock: Jackpot X offers thrilling gameplay with standout features.

Scatter Feature

Watch the Scatter symbols work magic. When they land, they can turn into Free Spin symbols or Jackpot Multipliers. In the base game, Free Spin symbols build up on a special scale, getting you closer to bonus action, while Jackpot symbols increase the jackpot's value. During Free Spins, these symbols can either grant you extra spins or award instant Jackpot prizes.

Free Spins

Gather Free Spin symbols to fill up the scale and unlock the Free Spins feature. Starting with 15 spins, every extra symbol you collect adds another spin to your tally. But keep your bets steady; changing your bet level means starting your Free Spin collection from scratch.

Jackpot Feature

The game's main attraction, the Jackpot, comes in three flavors: Neon, Golden, and Violet. You'll collect multipliers in the base game, but these only pay out in Free Spins. 

The accumulations of Jackpot multipliers begins with their starting values:

  • Neon: x5 with maximum up to x1000

  • Golden: x5 with a maximum up to x5000

  • Violet: x25 with a maximum of x10000.

Win a Jackpot, and its multiplier resets, ready for you to build it up again.

Play strategically, as each bet size has its own set of Free Spins and Jackpot multipliers. It's a thrilling race to the Jackpot finish line!


For the daring, DreamShock: Jackpot X offers the Risk game—a chance to gamble your winnings on a multi-level wheel. Spin the wheel and you could increase your rewards with multipliers escalating to an impressive x1000 of your total bet.


“DreamShock: Jackpot X” immerses players in a vibrant, neon-soaked cyberpunk world. The slot interface boasts an electric color scheme that resonates with the futuristic cityscape background. Mascot Gaming, as a top igaming software provider, offers a fully immersive experience - the slot game is set in a high-energy, high-tech urban environment. 

The soundtrack of "DreamShock: Jackpot X" fuses the edgy atmosphere of cyberpunk with the nostalgia of the '80s. The beats are a heady mix of modern and retro, with a tempo that sets the pulse racing, complemented by synth melodies that might remind you of classic arcade games. It’s a soundscape that’s not just for cyberpunk enthusiasts, but for anyone who appreciates the timeless groove.


"DreamShock: Jackpot X" melds the electrifying energy of cyberpunk with a dash of '80s retro flair, delivering a gaming experience that’s both familiar and exhilaratingly fresh. The sleek neon graphics and synth-driven soundtrack offer a nod to nostalgic times, while the jackpot features keep you anchored in the thrill of what’s next. It’s a well-crafted adventure through time and chance where every spin could be your ticket to a future filled with wins.