Mascot Gaming rolls out major updates

May 7, 2020

The Mascot Gaming team has spent the past few months working on some major developments and updates to its full suite of innovative slots, allowing operators to offer their players the most thrilling and exciting casino games on the market.

The upgrades have been focused on accelerating gameplay to deliver fast-paced thrills and excitement, while also improving technical aspects such as sound performance and correcting minor visual glitches.

In terms of accelerating gameplay, the following updates have been introduced:

  1. Accelerating gameplay - players can reduce the number of in-game animations so that they can perform more actions per unit of time. For example, win animations, particularly for big wins, can be sped up.
  2. Improved player interactions – the way players interact with and control the game have been streamlined, especially when it comes to the number of clicks/taps required to place bets and spin the reels.
  3. Fast spin notification – the game will notify players that fast spin mode is available when they wager and spin in a certain way. The notification is automatic, and players can choose whether to enter fast spin mode or not.
  4. Improved auto-play mode – the game will automatically play the bonus game round if the player takes too long to take action themselves.

When it comes to technical upgrades, Mascot Gaming has developed and introduced the following:

  1. Weight and size of all games has been optimised to increase the download speed of slots even when the player’s internet connection is weak. This ensures a seamless playing experience on both desktop and mobile.
  2. Sound performance has been improved and optimised for desktop browsers, creating a more engaging and entertaining player experience.
  3. Minor visual glitches on both desktop and mobile have been fixed to ensure players can fully enjoy the striking graphics and beautiful animations our games offer.

The updates have been applied to our entire portfolio of innovative slots and will be carried through to our new games launches. Over the next six months we plan to release 10new titles, including Queen of Spades, 3 Corsairs, The Myth.

The updates are available for all of the online casino operators that currently stock our games, as well as any new partners we work with to ensure that players have the best possible gaming experience when playing Mascot Gaming innovative slots.

Dmitry M., CTO at Mascot Gaming, said: “The entire team has been working hard on these upgrades for several months now and they really have made a difference to the quality of gameplay our slots offer players, especially when it comes to speed and ramping up excitement.

Although we are a relatively new studio, we have already built a reputation for designing games and features that offer players thrills and big win potential in equal measure and these updates will ensure we remain at the cutting edge of slot development.”

If you would like to learn more about our upgrade package or our portfolio of entertaining slots and innovative features, contact a member of the Mascot Gaming team here.