Partnership with Streamers

Aug 2, 2023

Recently, Mascot Gaming has expanded by opening a new but highly promising and important department dedicated to informing our end users, i.e., casino players, about the stunning diversity of quality slots they might have missed. Our B2C team has been working hard for the past two months to understand our key audience and, more importantly, to engage new users. Within the scope of this purpose, they established collaborations with different bloggers and streamers. And the results were astounding!

Streamers and Bloggers Rock!

We loved how steamers and bloggers played Mascot games and gave instant feedback via comments, views, and likes in their unique manners. And even though this was a new experience for us, we embraced it quickly and saw fantastic results within two months!

The partnership with independent streamers and agencies not only promoted our products worldwide but also helped us understand the requirements of our target audience and improve. Now, we can determine the gender, location, languages, and interests of our clients better. For instance, we have found out most of our players are pet lovers, just like us! You must have already understood that from our company’s name! And our slots with animal themes will definitely be their favorite ones.

The enthusiasm shown around Mascot games was simply delightful. Players posted about the brand all over major social media channels, which drew attention to us. Moreover, one of the bloggers we cooperated with launched a poem with the word Mascot used intentionally, while another pulled a prank.

Famous prankster Little Louie sent one of his viewers during the live streaming to a nearby shop with a promo code “Mascot” for a 90% discount on pickles and alcohol. And when the guy appeared at the store with the promotional code, the cashier could not find any discount with the code, leaving the guy pretty frustrated.

Also, streamers cooperating with Mascot organized a giveaway of exclusive merchandise featuring our hit slot “Riot 2: Blow and Burn”. It was created specifically for the giveaway sent to all fortunate winners worldwide.

The partnership with these bloggers and streamers has brought impressive results, with around a 60% growth in brand demand within two months! Moreover, we registered an overall reach of half a million people through game viewers alone! The recognition of the Mascot brand as a young casino game developer increased drastically, and soon, the company’s name was involved in the most demanded brands in online casinos. Also, we have noticed an influx of requests on our site from individual streamers and agencies seeking cooperation with us.

They say, “Don’t praise yourself; leave the task to others,” but we deserve to praise ourselves for the unreserved dedication our entire team has showcased ever since the brand name Mascot Gaming hit the market with its first slot. We are not bragging; we are stating the facts. All the hard work our teams and the streamers collaborating with us pulled through the past months has been highly rewardful.

Today, we are seeking new cooperation with creative people to pave ways to connect with our audience. We have developed games that not only allow players to win real money but also ensure an unforgettable gaming experience! We enjoy seeing our customers having fun playing our games.

So, if you are interested in a possible partnership with us, don’t hesitate! We aim to continue to develop in this direction, and we believe we can do this together, whether you are an individual steamer/blogger or an agency.