Fire once more with Mascot Gaming: Re:Kill Ultimate Review

Jan 30, 2024

Mascot Gaming, a leading casino slots developer, steps up the game with its renowned slot title, but this time the stakes are as formidable as they are tempting. "Re:Kill Ultimate" marks the return of the acclaimed "Re:Kill," reloaded with darker twists and richer bounties. This new edition elevates the survivor's journey, blending strategy with the chance to outwit fate in a desolate, yet richly detailed world.


Dive into the heart of "Re:Kill Ultimate," a slot game with a 5-reel, 4-row grid that demands attention with its high volatility and 40 paylines. This structure promises a nail-biting experience where big wins can be secured through determination and luck.

The payout rates for achieving five of a kind for each symbol are structured as follows:

  • The '10' symbol, along with the 'J', offers a substantial 35x the line bet.

  • Landing five 'Jack' symbols will reward players with 50x the line bet.

  • The 'Queen' symbol, regal and rare, grants a 65x line bet multiplier.

  • The 'King' symbol is even more generous, providing a 75x reward on the line bet.

  • The 'Ace', highest among the cards, pays an impressive 125x the line bet.

  • The Seeker emerges with a payout of 150x.

  • The Scientist offers a significant 300x payout.

  • The Child, known simply as 'Hope', bestows a heartwarming 400x.

  • The Survivor delivers an enlightening 800x payout.

  • The Hunte tops the chart with a life-changing 1000x reward.

The Wild Symbol features a grotesque Zombie, designed to unsettle and replace all other symbols except for the Scatter.

The Scatter Symbol portrays a deadly virus and appears in both the base game and Free Spins. Scatter payouts are triggered with a minimum of 3 symbols, setting off 10 Free Spins with a starting multiplier of x5, escalating the game's intensity.


"Re:Kill Ultimate" brims with an array of engaging features designed to intensify the gaming experience.

Random Wild Reels Feature

Unpredictability reigns in the base game, where at any given spin, up to five reels might spontaneously transform into Wild Reels.. Wild Reels are a stack of Wilds as the height of the entire reel, substituting for all other symbols, except the Scatters, and increasing the chances for significant wins.

Free Spins Feature

All winnings are paid with the current multiplier applied to the payout table values. Additional Free Spins can be won in the current Free Spins series. With each new series of Free Spins, the payout multiplier increases until it reaches the maximum. Possible multipliers are x5, x10 and x25.


The Zombie Wild symbol will transform all character symbols that appear on the screen with it into Transformed Wild Symbols. All Transformed Wilds remain Wilds for the duration of the current Free Spins series and substitute for all symbols except for Scatter Symbols. This feature can only be triggered during Free Spins. 


"Re:Kill Ultimate" offers the strategic 'Risk and Buy' option, where players can either buy their way into the Free Spins session at any time through a set offer or take a chance on a special random offer. This random option adds a layer of intrigue, as the price for Free Spins changes dynamically with each spin. For those who like to up the ante, the Risk game invites players to wager their winnings and spin a multi-tiered wheel. Each tier presents increasing multipliers, with the possibility to skyrocket winnings with a multiplier up to a staggering x1000 of the total bet.


Crafted by Mascot Gaming, a casino slot developer known for its immersive worlds, 'Re:Kill Ultimate' plunges players into a grim world overrun by the undead. The artwork conveys a post-apocalyptic environment where civilization has crumbled under the onslaught of a relentless zombie horde. The design captures the essence of this dystopian reality, with its desolate landscapes, shattered buildings, and overgrown urban decay, all teeming with the threat of lurking zombies.

Character symbols in the game are vivid depictions of survivors, each embodying a unique role or skills vital for navigating this hazardous new world. 

The soundtrack of "Re:Kill Ultimate" is a masterful blend of suspense and urgency, accentuating the theme of survival against a relentless enemy. Eerie soundscapes and sudden, jarring noises craft an immersive experience, simulating the unpredictability and danger of a world infested with zombies. This synergy of theme, design, and sound in "Re:Kill Ultimate" crafts a thrilling slot experience.


"Re:Kill Ultimate" stands out with its blend of high-stakes gameplay and a gripping zombie apocalypse theme. Its detailed graphics and eerie soundtrack pull players into a relentless survival battle. The game mechanics, featuring Random Wild Reels and a dynamic Risk and Buy feature, keep the action unpredictable and engaging. This slot from Mascot Gaming offers more than just potential wins; it provides an immersive experience in a dystopian world. With straightforward yet compelling features, "Re:Kill Ultimate" ensures that every spin is filled with tension and excitement.