Risk and Buy

Aug 9, 2023

We keep on sharing the aspects of our work at Mascot Gaming. The next element we’re going to talk about is the Risk and Buy feature. It becomes one of the most important elements whenever integrated into a video slot.

Generally, bonus games make up an essential part of any slot as they provide the opportunity to get significant wins. Even though the presence of a bonus round does not guarantee a huge win, players rely on them heavily. And for good reason: bonus games hide huge prizes. The Bonus Buy feature is among the most successful ideas of the type.

Although probably every iGaming developer has included Bonus Buy in their software, years ago when Mascot had just hit the market, few were aware of it. It took several years for this trend to become a full-fledged part of casino game development.

Mascot Gaming has made a name in the industry as a progressive provider with tons of innovative features and creative approaches toward casino game design. Given this, we enhanced the traditional Bonus Buy feature to turn it into something new, something more thrilling and unique - the Risk and Buy.

Risk and Buy: What is it and How Does it Work?

The Risk and Buy feature is a ticket straight to the bonus round of the slot. Regardless of the outcome of a spin, the feature will be triggered. If it’s a winning spin, the player can risk and start the bonus game. And if it’s a losing spin, the slot offers the player to buy access to the bonus round. The price is set individually for every video slot and may differ from bet to bet. Meanwhile, the purchase or exchange proceeds immediately.

At Mascot Gaming, we created a “floating” price for the Buy feature to spice up the gameplay. You can “catch” a favorable price at any moment and feel lucky! After all, any casino game's primary purpose is to provide players with a highly entertaining pastime.

However, the primary purpose of the Risk and Buy feature is to enable players to learn more about the game without waiting for the appropriate symbols to launch the bonus round. Besides, by giving players the freedom to choose whether to launch the suggested version or go on with the main game, we give them more power over the gameplay. With Risk and Buy, it’s not all luck but also your smart decisions and playing style.

The efficacy of this feature is beyond any doubt. The stats showing the vast majority of Mascot’s fans trigger it indicate its immense popularity and appreciation among players, as well. That’s why we don’t plan to drop the feature yet. Over 30 games, which comprise more than half our entire portfolio, have the Risk and Buy feature. Furthermore, we have a special category devoted particularly to slots with it so that players can find the game they seek more easily if it involves this feature. As for today, Risk and Buy is unconditionally one of the hottest trends in the iGaming market!