The Pendragon Legend - A New Magical Slot Review

Sep 1, 2023

"Merlin's beard!" you might find yourself quietly marveling as you navigate through the spellbinding world of The Pendragon Legend. Because it’s that good! 

This marks the developer's second slot game to feature the new version of Risk and Buy, which itself represents a new benchmark in slot game development. Drawing on timeless narratives, the game beckons players into a magical realm spun from Celtic fables.


Navigating a medium-volatility landscape, The Pendragon Legend offers players 20 paylines set on a 5x3 grid. The slot game boasts a solid RTP of 95.12% and a HIT% of 29.4, with the potential for maximum wins of up to x1250 the player's bet.

The Pendragon Legend is a trove of enchanting features, but one shines like the Excalibur itself— the revamped "Risk and Buy" feature, a daring evolution of what we've previously witnessed in the developer’s previous release - Wild Phoenix Rises. Before we delve into the mechanics, let’s take a guided tour through this arena, where each symbol comes with its unique payout. For example, landing five-of-a-kind rewards you as follows:

  • Jack and Queen: the squires of payout, gifting a modest x50 to the line bet.
  • Ace and King: the noblemen, extending their riches of x75 to the line bet.
  • Guinevere: the fairest of them all, rewarding with a golden x100 to the line bet.
  • Merlin: the old wizard’s spell bequeaths a mysterious x150 to the line bet.
  • Arthur: the king’s decree grants you a noble x250 to the line bet.
  • Legendary Sword and Blue Dragon: the twin treasures, each with a lavish x500 to the line bet.
  • Red Dragon: this fiery beast scorches all with a sumptuous x700 to the line bet.

Navigating through these symbols, you'll also encounter the Wild Symbol, artfully crafted as a Noble Chalice.  It can substitute for all other symbols except Scatter symbols. Moreover, wins with Wild Symbols are paid with x2 multiplier but even if there are several Wild Symbols, the multiplier applies once. Combination consisting only of Wild Symbols doesn’t provide multipliers, but for 5 Wild Symbols, players will be rewarded x1500 to the line bet.

In addition, the mighty King's Shield serves as the game's Scatter Symbol.  Scatter wins are paid out when 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear anywhere on the reels.  


The new version of the Risk and Buy is not just better - it’s daring! Players are presented with a tantalizing choice: to either Risk their winnings in the Risk game or to Buy their way to Free Spins under specific conditions.

In the Risk game, imagine a Wheel of Fortune segmented into three distinct levels. An Arrow symbol becomes your passport to the next level, unlocking more lucrative prizes at the cost of increased risk.

On the Buy side of things, players can choose between three standard offers and one random special offer, the price of which updates after every spin, keeping the game thrill fresh.

To add a pinch of unpredictability, there's the "Click Me" feature, a veritable treasure trove activated by landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols. Each chest, boldly inviting players with a "Click Me" banner, is a Pandora's box of Free Spins options. Choosing one unveils the number of spins and their corresponding multipliers.

Free Spins play automatically at the bet at which they were won. All payouts are paid according to the paytable and the current Free Spins multiplier. Each new Scatter Symbol adds an extra spin to your count, though no additional payouts are awarded for Scatter combinations. The multiplier can be up to an impressive x5.


Visually, the game is a feast for the eyes. The design is deeply rooted in the mystical and majestic world of Arthurian legend, transporting players straight to the heart of Camelot. The characters are lovingly designed, each exuding their own unique personality, which adds depth to the overall experience. Arthur appears valiant, Guinevere beguiling, and Merlin and the dragons shrouded in appropriate mystique.

Mascot Gaming, a stand-out among slot game developers, known for their unparalleled soundtracks, ensures that The Pendragon Legend is no exception. The music is both evocative and immersive, making you feel as if you're a knight of the Round Table or a damsel who's far from distressed.


The Pendragon Legend is an exquisitely crafted slot game that offers more than just an avenue for gambling. The new Risk & Buy feature elevates slot game development to a new set of standards.  It's rare to see a slot game handle both the technicalities of gameplay and thematic elements so masterfully. The Pendragon Legend manages to marry both, resulting in an extraordinary, magical gaming experience.