Elementary School of Game Development

Nov 16, 2023

We keep sharing useful insights into our experience here at Mascot Gaming. And today, it's time to have a glimpse at the essential technicality of slot game development - RNG. Even though it may be a quite familiar topic, it still remains pretty crucial, especially for beginner slot game developers.

Wait, Shouldn’t it be Elementary School of Game Development? Hang on. Random Number Generator is like the foundation of it all, and it would be meaningless to start talking about the complicated technical aspects of game development without revisiting the basics. So, whether you belong to the army of professional slot game developers or just starting out in the industry, repeating the essentials won't do you any harm.

So, What is RNG Exactly?

To put it simply, RNG or Random Number Generator is the mechanism that ensures the game is provably fair by generating a random outcome with a set of numbers. There is no way for a player to outsmart this technology and know the results beforehand.

Every time you spin the game reels, the RNG algorithm generates a series of random symbols that pop up on the reels. It's the driving power of a slot game that never takes a break and constantly creates new numbers. Thus, even if a player hesitates for a second, the game they play will be completely different.

So, every slot game developer has the responsibility to ensure full transparency if they want to create a game that is up to the industry standards.

To make sure everything is fair and square, the Random Number Generator needs to be certified and rigorously tested before it can be used in any slot game.

At Mascot Gaming, we are committed to transparency, and we take our relationships with partners and customers seriously. That's why we provide full transparency, the best proof of which is that all our games are tested and certified by one of the leading names in the industry, GLI.

As Victoria Malysheva, our Head of the Testing Department, explains, "RNG is the core of how slot machines operate. It generates those random numbers that decide the results of each spin a player takes."