iGambling Markets: Georgia

Jun 24, 2024

The online casino gaming market in Georgia has seen significant growth in 2023. Revenues have surged to an impressive US$10.44 million, with projections suggesting an increase to US$13.87 million by 2027. This growth reflects the market's ability to adapt and cater to a savvy and demanding audience. Our visit to the Tbilisi Gaming Festival last year provided valuable insights into the market's preferences and operations. Having observed the trends and dynamics closely, and as we near the completion of our Georgian certification, we are eager to share our findings on player preferences and market trends.

The preferences of players in the Georgian iGaming market reveal distinct trends that can be leveraged by game developers and online casinos to enhance user engagement and satisfaction with tailored iGaming solutions.

Medium volatility games are the most preferred, offering a balanced experience of frequent small wins and occasional larger payouts. This balance appeals to the majority of players, providing sustained engagement without the extremes of high or low volatility.

Wild symbols are the most popular feature, indicating that players value the increased winning opportunities they provide. The high favorability of the Hold & Win feature suggests an enjoyment of repeated win opportunities within a single game round, enhancing sustained engagement. The Bonus Buy option's popularity shows players appreciate the ability to directly access bonus rounds, catering to those who prefer strategic gameplay. 

Georgian players prefer classic themes in slot games, such as fruit slots and mythology, while Ancient Egyptian themes rank lower, occupying only the fourth spot in popularity.

Georgia offers several convenient payment solutions for online transactions, particularly in the iGaming sector.

 TBC Pay and Bank of Georgia (BOG) are prominent options provided by two of the largest banks in the country, TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia. These services offer seamless integration with Georgian bank accounts, fast and secure transactions, and local customer support. However, they are limited to users with accounts at these banks and are not widely accepted outside Georgia. 

ExpressPay is another popular payment gateway in Georgia, supporting multiple payment methods and widely accepted by local businesses. It provides quick and efficient processing of payments but may incur fees for certain transactions and is limited in use outside Georgia. 

PayBox offers a widespread network of payment terminals, allowing cash deposits into online casino accounts without the need for a bank account or internet access, making it accessible to a broader audience. 

These varied iGaming solutions ensure smooth and accessible transactions for all players.

We have carefully selected a diverse range of games from our extensive portfolio that we believe will resonate perfectly with Georgian players. All the games in this top 10 list feature the most popular element among players—Wild Symbols. Additionally, six of these games incorporate our renowned Risk and Buy feature, which allows players either to buy their way directly into the Bonus game or Free Spins, or to risk their winnings for a chance to get a win multiplier. "Dreamshock: Jackpot X" offers a unique jackpot mechanic with three different types of jackpots. This selection includes classic fruit slots, mythology-themed games, adventure titles, and ancient Egyptian themes to cater to the varied preferences of our audience.

The Georgian iGambling market is on a promising trajectory. The steady revenue growth and increasing player engagement underscore the market's potential for continued expansion. As the iGaming solutions continue to evolve, they will support the market's expansion and attract more players. Georgia is well on its way to becoming a new iGambling hub, attracting both local and international interest. Its growth presents a wealth of opportunities for operators and developers to innovate and expand their presence in this dynamic and rapidly growing market.