Wild Phoenix Rises - A New Adventurous Slot Review

Aug 2, 2023

Mascot Gaming takes their players on another adventure with their recent release, Wild Phoenix Rises. For those enchanted by magical beasts and a fantastic atmosphere, this game is bound to captivate. Mascot Gaming has yet again demonstrated its prowess in creating compelling and exciting slot games. 


True to Mascot's slots, Wild Phoenix Rises delivers a blend of thrill and chance, keeping players engaged with every spin. Navigating through high volatility, Wild Phoenix Rises presents 25 paylines across a 5x4 grid with a respectable RTP of 95.37% and a maximum win of х5,500 the player's bet.

The game features a diverse array of symbols, each offering different payout rates. Here is the list of rewards for five of a kind:

  • The Ranger, a modest but respectable payer, offers 0.25.
  • The Knight, standing a bit bolder, returns 0.30.
  • The Enchantress, wielding a charm of her own, gives 0.40.
  • The Wizard, weaving his magic, dishes out 0.75.
  • The Witch, stirring her cauldron of rewards, grants 0.90.
  • The Winged Sword, a symbol of power, yields 1.50.
  • The Torch, a beacon in the dark, awards 2.50.
  • The Chest, brimming with hidden treasures, provides 4.00.
  • The Egg, a rare find indeed, delivers an impressive 15.00.

To enhance the gameplay, the proud Eagle, acting as the Wild Symbol can substitute for all other symbols except Scatter symbols. If you're lucky enough to encounter two or more Scatter symbols, you'll receive a Scatter win, with five of a kind awarding 6.25.


The main feature of the game is Risk & Buy. However, the developer introduced a new version of the famous feature.

The Buy offer allows players to purchase Free Spins under specified conditions and prices, available at any point during the main game. Players are presented with three standard Buy offers and a special random Buy offer. After every spin, the special offer price is updated. 

The Risk offer tempts players to multiply their winnings in the Risk game, where the stakes are high, and the rewards are higher – you can win up to x1000 of your total bet. The Risk game is designed as the Wheel of Fortune with three levels. By landing on a green gem, you can unlock the next level. New levels provide bigger prizes but also come with a higher risk of losing.

In addition, the game employs a Free Spins accumulation scale that determines the number of Free Spins and their respective modifiers. A winning spin increases the scale, while a losing one resets it. 


Like other Mascot's slots, Wild Phoenix Rises combines high-quality visuals and intriguing gameplay to offer a slot experience like no other. The visual design of Wild Phoenix Rises expertly transports players into a magical and adventurous realm. Animated lightning storms illuminate the background, while the shadowy silhouette of a mystical castle adds an element of intrigue. The symbolic characters, coupled with the bright, vigilant phoenix on the left of the field, draw players deeper into the world of the game. The unified design and balanced color palette create an enthralling mood.


Wild Phoenix Rises is an exhilarating new addition to Mascot’s slots. This game doesn’t just offer a chance to win; it provides an unforgettable journey into a world of adventure and magic. It beautifully intertwines an engaging narrative with exciting gameplay, showcasing the team’s dedication to crafting slots that stand out.