Zeus the Thunderer Deluxe - A New Mighty Slot Game Review

Oct 27, 2023

Get ready for a captivating adventure! Thanks to cutting-edge slot game development, Zeus makes a spectacular comeback in a new and improved format. Together with iconic figures like Hades and Aphrodite, this revamped game promises an immersive experience brimming with exciting features. 


Slot game developers at Mascot Gaming revive and enhance one of its cherished classics, integrating fresh mechanics. The game is structured on a 5x4 grid and exhibits high volatility. Players will find 20 paylines, an RTP of 95%, a HIT% of 53.2%, and the potential for a multiplier reaching a peak of x2000.

Before we delve into the intricate workings of the game, let's step into the majestic Olympus Hall of Gods. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when landing a five-of-a-kind:

  • 10 awards x75 to the line bet.
  • Both Jack and Queen present x90 to the line bet.
  • King bestows x100 to the line bet.
  • Ace offers x125 to the line bet.
  • The Ancient Vase provides a x150 uplift.
  • Lyra resonates with x250.
  • Aphrodite graces players with x500.
  • Hades contributes x750.
  • The Mighty Zeus, true to his nature, thunders in with x1500.

Moreover, the Wild Symbol, crafted to represent the shield of divine victories, showers players with a staggering x5000 for a complete set. This versatile symbol can substitute for all others, with the exception of the Scatter Symbols. Conversely, the Scatter Symbol, characterized by Zeus's iconic lightning, grants x1000 for a full set. Two or more Scatter Symbols across the reels lead to wins. During Free Spins, each landed Scatter Symbol gives players an additional spin.


Zeus impresses with a broad range of features. Innovative slot game development really shines through with the enhanced Risk and Buy feature that got a revamp this summer, making the newest version of Zeus a fitting platform for it.

This well-known feature has been expanded to offer players more choices, deepening the gameplay strategy. But at its core, the principle remains: players can either risk their winnings or make a beeline to the Free Spins.

The Risk game takes the form of a three-level Wheel of Fortune. In this game, the Arrow symbol acts as your ticket to climb to the new levels, where higher multipliers await, though with increased risks. 

When considering the Buy option, players are presented with a choice: go with the standard offers or a special offer that changes after each spin in the main game.

For those keen on a Free Spins expedition, you'll need to land three or more Olympian symbols in the main game. The specific symbols you secure determine the version of your Free Spins: be it Zeus, Hades, or Aphrodite. Based on the number of these symbols - 3, 4, or 5 - players are awarded 7, 15, or 25 Free Spins, accordingly. During  Free Spins, those symbols become sticky and stay on the reels until they're part of a winning combination or the series concludes. 

Theme and Design

Mascot Gaming, as one of the leading slot game developers, continues its legacy of visually captivating slot games with Zeus the Thunderer Deluxe. Set against the majestic background of Olympus's peak, in the grand hall of gods, this game enthralls with its intricate graphics, vibrant color palette, and godly soundtrack. The portrayal of characters is spot-on: Hades exudes cunning mischief, Aphrodite radiates beauty and charm, while Zeus stands out as both mighty and formidable. Unique among all, Zeus is animated with lightning flashing in his eyes. And to elevate the excitement, every winning combination sees the screen alight with brilliant streaks of lightning.

Ascend with Gods

The recent enhancements breathe new life into Zeus, refining what was already a cherished classic. This revamped version is not just an expansion of the original but a leap forward, presenting a mightier and more grandiose experience. Players can now navigate a more expansive realm with increased opportunities to claim victories, making the ascent with the gods even more rewarding.