Mascot Gaming is the general sponsor of Murcielagos CF

Dec 4, 2023

Mascot Gaming is thrilled to announce our new role as the general sponsor of the Murcielagos CF football team, playing in Valencia and competing in the TERCERA FFCV division.

As a Valencia-based company, we believe in nurturing local talent and fostering community spirit through sports. Football is one of our passions, and partnering with Murcielagos CF aligns perfectly with our values and aspirations.

This sponsorship holds additional significance due to the involvement of our sales manager, Alexander Erofeev, who is not just part of the Mascot Gaming team but also contributes on the field as a player for Murcielagos.

We have designed an exclusive new kit for the team featuring our logo. Our players have already had their first match in it, and it looks absolutely stunning!

 Arseniy Panferov, President of the Club:

«With heartfelt gratitude and a clear vision for the future, we are committed to advancing the Murciélagos CF football club, aspiring to rank among the world's finest. Our partnership with Mascot Gaming strengthens our confidence in our journey towards success, enabling us to achieve our shared ambitions!»

We eagerly await new victories from Murcielagos CF and will support them every step of the way.

VAMOS Murcielagos CF! 🙌⚽️