Traffic Games and Profit Games

Nov 30, 2023

We will steadily shed light on all aspects and essential steps necessary for slot game development. But before that, let's first dive deep into the main topic and discover what traffic games and profit games are, as well as the key concepts behind them.

In order to create a varied and profitable game collection that is entertaining at the same time, it's more than essential to learn how each game works.

The first and core aim of Traffic Games lies in attracting new players. And how can one quickly grab others' attention, if not by developing unique and creative pieces? Traffic games provide all the necessary conditions and suitable environments for developers to be inventive and explore new nuances of slot development by crafting games with one-of-a-kind features, exclusive audiovisuals, and quality graphics. All in all, the ultimate goal should be creating something special that will keep players glued to their screens wanting to play more.

To determine what modern players like and what gambling preferences they have, you can start by checking the latest trends and drawing inspiration from the most demanded themes. However, the success of traffic games primarily depends on the creativity and experience of the developer to unify various features and offer the audience exquisite entertainment with catchy graphics and music. If you manage to trigger the player's interest with even one slot game, it's more likely they will have the desire to go and check other titles provided by a particular online casino as well. But with Traffic Games, it's essential to keep in mind that the developer takes on more risk, so it is justified that they often get a larger share of the profits than the operator.

One best example of Traffic Games is probably our favorite 3D slot, Bastet and Cats. It was such a hit that we even paid tribute to it and themed our stand after it during the SBC Summit in Barcelona. The Bastet and Cats slot comes with a variety of features, including Scatters, Free Spins, Rockfall Multipliers, Risk and Buy feature, and Extra Spins with 40 paylines. Also, the game is packed with well-thought-out music background and attention-grabbing graphics to spark the player's interest.

As for Profit Games, the main purpose here is to generate the maximum profit from the gambler. To achieve that, the developer shouldn't create a game with complicated features. Instead, Profit Games are normally developed based on simple mechanics and classical themes players are familiar with. Some of the most popular themes you can usually come across in Profit Games are Fruits and Candies. However, this doesn't mean developers can't be creative and make something out of the box with this type of game. Loot The Train, one of our latest releases is a good example of how simplicity and creativity can be combined in one game. It is developed with a well-known Wild West theme, has 20 pay lines, a great bonus game, and a Risk & Buy feature.

In a nutshell, Traffic Games is a kind of marketing strategy meant to attract players with unique and exciting gaming experiences. Meanwhile, Profit Games are all about generating stable revenue. Both these games have their special place and audience in the slot development market, with Traffic Games giving a chance to go wild and experiment with new things and Profit Games re-evaluating classic themes with fresh approaches.

As Dmitry Malyshev, the CTO at Mascot Gaming, puts it: "Operators should pack their portfolios with slot games that not only attract new players but also help to generate consistent revenue over time."