Mascot Gaming Lights the Way: Paper Lanterns Crash Game Review

Oct 26, 2023

Mascot Gaming, a recognized developer known for its unique gambling games, has recently taken a step into the world of crash games with their debut release. For those new to the term, crash games revolve around a simple yet gripping concept: a multiplier that continuously increases, promising bigger rewards. However, there's a catch - it can crash suddenly and unexpectedly. This mix of anticipation and unpredictability is what's drawing players in, and now Mascot Gaming offers its own take on this trend, further expanding their portfolio of unique gambling games.


Mascot Gaming's Paper Lanterns Crash Game stands out with its high volatility, a return to player (RTP) of 95.32%, and a hit rate of 28.9%. This engaging game allows players to simultaneously set 1 to 5 bets, keeping an eye on the escalating win rate. They can choose to cash out their winnings anytime, with the goal being to expertly gauge the peak of the win rate before it crashes. If they don't, they risk losing their bet. But for those with the right timing, rewards can reach up to a significant x5,000 multiplier.

The game also features a colorful array of lanterns, each signifying different bet amounts:

  • Light blue lantern for the smallest bet of 0.02.
  • Turquoise lantern represents a bet of 0.05.
  • Red lantern sets a bet of 0.10.
  • Blue lantern means a bet of 0.20.
  • Light green lantern is for a bet of 0.50.
  • Bright green lantern tops off with a bet of 1.00.

Players have chances to earn 1 to 5 Free Bets with each bet they place. These Free Bets can pop up at any stage of the escalating winnings rate. However, they're only given to those who can cash out their winnings before the round concludes. Remarkably, from just one bet, players can earn up to 5 of these Free Bets. And during Free Bet rounds, there's potential to gather even more Free Bets, in line with the game’s core rules.


Set in a picturesque Eastern garden, the Paper Lanterns Crash Game offers an immersion into a world where design and sound blend seamlessly. This game, another of Mascot Gaming's unique gambling games, paints a serene picture: sakura petals delicately falling, and paper lanterns ready for their skyward journey. But it's the music that truly elevates the experience. Traditional Eastern melodies intermingle with modern nuances, encapsulating the player in a soundscape as tranquil as the garden itself. This union of design and sound transforms the game into a captivating symphony, where every play feels like a step deeper into the garden's enchanting embrace.


As you let your lantern catch the breeze, rising to join countless others in the vast evening canvas, the Paper Lanterns Crash Game captures the essence of this ethereal journey. Renowned for their stellar slots and unique gambling games, Mascot Gaming has now ventured into a fresh direction, and as always, they've done so with style. Meticulously crafted, this game combines visual allure with immersive features. It  captures the delicate luminescence and tranquil voyage of a paper lantern against the evening's backdrop. It's clear evidence that even in new territories, Mascot Gaming continues to impress its players.